The Vampire With the Dragon Tattoo

By: Kerrelyn Sparks

To the angels,

both heavenly and worldly,

who watch over us.


I can’t believe this is book fourteen of the Love at Stake series! I would have never dreamed back in 2005, when I was first getting to know Roman Draganesti, that the series would last this long. There are numerous people to thank. First, my husband and children for their love and encouragement. Then, my critique partners, MJ, Sandy, and Vicky. Each book represents such a long journey, and it helps immensely to know I’m not alone on that road as I plod steadily into the unknown.

On the business side, I am blessed by the fabulous support of my agent, Michelle Grajkowski; my editor, Erika Tsang; and her assistant, Chelsey. My thanks to all the professionals at HarperCollins, especially Pam, Caroline, and Jessie from the Publicity Department, and Tom from the Art Department, who has outdone himself with this latest cover.

My personal thanks to Susan Chao, who taught me how to say, “Gun bei!” My thanks also to hairstylist Wilson at the Etheria Salon and Spa in Houston, who was the inspiration for the vampire stylist at the Digital Vampire Network.

And finally, my heartfelt gratitude to all the readers and booksellers who have helped the Love at Stake series continue for fourteen books. Thank you for giving my vamps and shifters such long and happy lives!