Bitten Under Fire(96)

By: Heather Long

“It is a good thing; it makes me the luckiest man in the world.” He touched a hand to his heart. “You don’t have to shift today. You could come over here and let me kiss my way across that body of yours…”

Her pupils dilated, and her scent changed. Desire sparked along the top notes. When the gold ring in her eyes expanded and went full wolf, he went perfectly still. Pain rippled through her as she began to contort, her body pulling itself apart and back together. Agony and ecstasy, in perfect symmetry. The first shift could be the worst, but his proud Bianca landed on four legs in a stunning array of frosted white and red fur then stood there trembling, legs braced as though she’d fallen from some great height.

Mine. The primitive declaration came from within his soul and Cage agreed.


Still, he waited and let her get her legs under her. When she raised those brilliantly hued eyes to meet his, Cage’s heart soared. Incredulous delight rolled off her.

“When you’re ready, lover,” he said, letting her come to him. One moment she was still, the next she rushed him. The impact knocked him onto his back, then she nuzzled his face and he laughed. Thrusting his hands into her silky fur, he gave her a good scratch. It could hurt, sometimes, after a shift. Other times it just left one a touch hungry.

Bianca rumbled as she leaned into him, the sound almost constant in its vibration and he paused.

“Mate,” he growled, sitting up and catching her gaze. “We’re wolves; we don’t purr.”

Then she let out a barking laugh and darted away from him, tail wagging. When she darted toward him then away, he hurtled to his feet.

If his woman wanted to play, then they would play.




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