A Kiss of Blood(A Vamp City Novel)

By: Pamela Palmer

This one’s for my mother, Pat Palmer, who taught me to believe in myself, to embrace life’s changes as grand adventures, and to understand that home isn’t a place but a loving family. You’ve always been my role model, Mom.


Thanks, as always, to Laurin Wittig and Anne Shaw Moran—friends, critique partners, and sisters of my heart—for always being there for me. Life would be so much less fun without you.

Thanks, too, to Kelly Poulsen, Kyle Poulsen, and Shannon Silkensen. And to Jeaniene Frost for your fresh eyes and wise counsel. Also to the real Amanda Morris, who won my contest to name a character and lent me her name.

A very heartfelt thanks to the wonderful team at Avon Books—Pamela Spengler-Jaffee, Jessie Edwards, Chelsey Emmelhainz, Art Director Tom Egner, and everyone else who had a hand in getting my books to readers. Most of all, thanks to my editor, May Chen, for friendship and unwavering support over and above our wonderful working relationship.

Finally, thanks to Keith for too many things to name. And to my readers. Without you, my stories would just be daydreams. You’re the ones who truly bring my worlds to life. Thank you.