Werewolf in the Shadows(9)

By: Olivia Hill

“I’m sorry,” Seff said, looking in her eyes, “I just wanted to be near you.”

“You’re near me now,” Bella said, smiling up at Seff. No one had ever wanted her that badly, and even though it was creepy and strange that he had snuck into her house, she also found it oddly romantic.

Seff smiled back at her, and began pumping faster. His cock was fully swollen and he was ready to go again. Bella was squirming under him, pressing her hips hard against him, wanting him to fuck her hard, but he was content with the pace he was keeping.

He began kissing her on the neck, sucking hard but not causing pain. Bella knew she would be covered in hickeys if she did not stop him, but when he moved his mouth to her breasts, she enjoyed the way he sucked on them.

He slid his tongue all the way around her nipple, making sure to torture her the entire time. Gently pumping his cock in and out of her, he took part of her breast in his mouth and gently bit at it. Bella had never imagined pain could feel so good. When he was done biting her, he began sucking hard, leaving huge dark hickeys all across her chest.

Bella slid her hands through his hair as she moved her hips to match his pace. He had pleased her in a way that she did not think was possible, and she wanted to return the favor.

Seff rose up, propping himself on his elbows, and stared down at Bella. She could see that look in his eyes again. It was so wild, so much like an animal. She began pushing harder against his cock and he slammed hard into her.

It felt as if his cock had reached into her stomach. Bella gasped for air as he slammed hard into her again. Each time he slammed into her, his body pressed against her clit causing pleasure along with the pain he was causing.

Bella assumed it had been a long time since he had fucked a woman, and did not push him away. Each time he slammed his cock into her she winced with pain.

Seff pulled himself up on his knees and pushed Bella’s legs as far apart as they would go. He looked down at his cock as it moved in and out of Bella’s pussy, her juices and his own cum coating it. Bella heard the growl growing deep in Seff’s throat as he pumped faster into her, and as he grabbed her hips and slammed hard into her one more time, she felt his hot fluids filling her again. Seff all but fell on top of Bella.

“Why didn’t you just come to my door?” Bella suddenly asked.

Seff looked up, surprised by the question. “Bella, I am a monster. You would have never let me in.”

Bella looked at him, confused. He did not seem like a monster to her. “Then I want to be a monster with you,” she said.

Seff slammed his lips down on Bella’s, kissing her hard. He slid his cock out of her and lay next to her in her bed. As she began to fall asleep, Seff whispered in her ear, “Your wish is my command.”

Bella smiled and Seff sank his fangs into the back of Bella’s neck without her ever knowing. He knew she would understand when she found out.