Werewolf in the Shadows

By: Olivia Hill
It had been a long year for Bella. She had been through so much and she was finally beginning to feel as if she were in control of her life once again. It had all began when Bella got mugged.

Walking home from work on a chilly fall evening, Bella held her coat tight against her body to stay warm. She wasn’t scared of walking home; she had done it many times before when her husband Scott had forgotten to pick her up from work. They lived in a small town where nothing ever happened and she felt safe as she walked down the road. She thought about how often he had forgotten her. It was as if she meant nothing to him at all. She knew that she could never forget to pick him up from work and wondered how she could be so stupid to let him borrow her car once again. Things had been great at the beginning of the relationship. Bella had been what was known as a mail order bride. Scott had chosen her from all the other women and she thought she would live a fairytale life. Most people thought that only rich old men ordered mail order brides but the truth was that it was more popular than anyone really wanted to admit. Scott seemed as if he was perfect. He had a good job, dressed well, and treated her like a queen. He didn’t force her to get married right away but had gotten her an apartment and a job. He said he wanted to give her time to get to know him. Within a few months, Scott had moved into Bella’s apartment and all but taken over her life. He rarely went to work, which meant Bella had to work even more. He didn’t bring any extra bills with him, but he did expect her to pay for his food, as well as the extra electricity he was using by living with her. And of course, she had to pay to put gas in her car—which she had purchased with her income—when he wanted to go hang out with his friends. She wondered what she had done wrong, why he had changed so dramatically, but her thoughts were suddenly interrupted. All at once two men came running at her. Bella looked up, not sure if she should be scared or just move out of the way. She tried to step to the side of the walkway when one man grabbed her and the other snatched her purse. Bella screamed in terror, not fully understanding what was going on. The man who had a hold of Bella pushed his face into her neck and she swore he was smelling her, when the other man grabbed his arm and told him to go. But he hesitated, looking Bella right in the eyes. As odd as it were, something in his eyes intrigued her; she had never seen eyes quite so amazing—dark brown with yellow lines throughout. He quickly turned his head and the two of them ran off down the road.

Bella stood still for a moment in shock from what had just happened. Then, without hesitating, she turned and began to walk down the road again. She knew that she should find help, that she should find a phone to call the police, but she just continued walking home. When she got home and told Scott what happened, he was in shock. Somehow knowing that she had been mugged brought out a protective side of him that she hadn’t seen in months. He was ready to go fight for her honor, or at least that was how he acted.

Not wanting to argue with Scott, she decided that she would take a shower to clear her head but she only confused herself more. She thought about the man who had grabbed her and the look in his eyes. She had seen on the news that there had been a strange rash of muggings, women’s purses being taken but no harm coming to the women. They had not caught the men because each woman’s description was different, except they all claimed that these men had strange eyes.

Bella wondered if this was the man she had encountered, but how could that be? Each woman described a different man and none of the descriptions fit the man she had seen. Such strange things she had seen on the news recently.

Animals being found with their hearts ripped out, people swearing that this was only happening on the full moon. It amazed Bella how even today with all of the knowledge and advancements humans had made that they still loved to believe in fairytales.

As Bella dried off, she could hear Scott in her living room yelling over the phone to one of his friends about how she would not call the police and how she claimed she had been mugged; and in that instant, she realized that the man who had actually grabbed her had more compassion in his eyes for her than Scott ever had.

She quickly dressed and walked to the living room where Scott was still on the phone.

“We need to talk,” Bella told Scott, but he just waved his hand as if she could not see he was on the phone. Bella walked over to the wall and pulled the plug out of the phone jack. Scott looked at her with a blank expression.

“I said we need to talk,” she began. Scott stepped toward her as if he had something to say but Bella was not going to be swayed by his smooth talking. “Look, I have done what I should do as your wife. I have tried my best but you have paid no bills, you have used my car, left me at work, and treated me like dirt. In fact, if you had simply remembered your wife tonight, I would have never been mugged. What happened is completely your fault.”