Virgin Lovers

By: Sam Crescent
Chapter One

Kelly opened her eyes with a groan, the scent of dirt instantly making her alert. Sitting up, she released a gasp as her head began to throb. The last thing she remembered was sitting at her parents’ table, eating dinner. They had been talking about that latest mating call, and she’d pretty much ignored whatever they’d said. Her parents weren’t the heads of the pack, or even close to being the strongest, but they had always been gossips. When the pack elders got together once a year, everyone knew it was for them to find a destined mating pair. Kelly, for one, hated it. The moment the elders picked two people, always a man and a woman, the couple was sent off to some distant island somewhere for one year.

The couple in question never had any say in it, nor did they have any clue beforehand what was going on. Glancing around her all she saw was trees for quite some distance, and she really wasn’t having the best feeling about this right now.

Rubbing at her head, she sat up, and saw that her backpack was on the ground beside her. Reaching out for it, she unzipped the main part and saw all of her favorite things, her music player, e-reader, and notebooks.

She felt a twist in her stomach and prayed that this wasn’t what she thought it was.

There was a male opposite her, and she’d been so busy looking further around her that she hadn’t even paid attention to the ground.

“Oh, hell no,” she said, glaring at the guy, who suddenly sat up.

“What the fuck?” Drake asked.

Any kind of confusion vanished as Kelly got to her feet and stared at Drake. There was no way in this world that she would ever be mated to that asshole.

The moment he saw her, he shot to his feet, too. “What the fuck have you done now?” he asked.

“What have I done? This is totally on you. Is this supposed to be some kind of joke?”

“Babe, don’t mean to scare you, but I have nothing to do with this. Clearly you want this body enough to go and kidnap me.” Drake ran a hand down his body, rolling his hips as if that was a sensual move.

“Ugh! I think I just threw up in my mouth. Give me a second to actually give a fuck!” She didn’t want to keep on staring at him.

“Look, if this isn’t some sick joke from you, then where the hell are we?”

Kelly grabbed her bag after zipping it up, and placed it on her shoulder. Her stomach was turning, and she forced herself to calm down and face the asshole opposite her. She would neither confirm nor deny if Drake was a man. He was the most horrible shifter she had ever seen, and the biggest bully in the pack.

“What do you remember?” she asked.

“Simple, I was eating dinner.”

She froze, and looked at Drake. “So was I.”

“I bet it was a whole lot of food for you,” he said.

Comments about her weight again, but they slid right off her.

“What’s the matter, Drake? Can’t handle a woman with a few curves? Oh, that’s right, in order to be able to handle a woman, you must first be a man!” She really didn’t like him at all.

He was about to open his mouth when a cell phone began to ring. They stared at each other, and started patting down their clothes.

They must look a sight, standing out in the forest, patting down their clothing. She was panicking because right now she couldn’t be in the same breathing space as Drake. It just wasn’t possible.

Pulling out her cell phone, she pressed the accept button, and then clicked speaker.

“Mom, I need you to come and get me,” Kelly said.

“Yeah, can you ask my folks to come and pick me up? I seem to be in a bit of a bind right now,” Drake said.

“Oh, honey, haven’t you figured it out yet?” her mother asked.

“Figured what out? I’m in hell, Mom. Please, whatever lesson this is, I don’t like it. Please come and get me.”

“You’re on the island, my dear.”

Kelly froze and looked at Drake to see that he also understood. “That’s not possible. The island is for mated couples, Mom. Drake and I, we can’t stand each other.”

“That’s right. This has been a serious misunderstanding, and right now, we could really do with coming home,” Drake said.

“The elders called it—and even though we had our doubts, especially with how much you appear to dislike each other—the elders said that you two are the next mated pair, and as such that bond must be brought together. Now, Kelly, I’ve given you a rucksack full of the things to help you through. Please use it, and if you need anything else, call me. There will be regular packages sent your way of food and any necessities. We all hope you have a happy year, and a good mating.”