The Wolf Biker's Mate

By: Charlie Richards
Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Ten

Chapter One


need a favor.”

Kade grinned as he leaned back in his office chair. “Sure, sis, what’s up?” he asked into the phone. “Oh, don’t call me that,” Theresa whined. “Especially considering what I’m about to ask you.”

That had his brow lifting. His foster sibling had never had a problem with him affectionately calling her his sister before. Kade leaned forward and propped an elbow on his desk. “What’s wrong?”

“I need a date for tonight. Are you busy?”

Kade’s second brow joined his first at his hairline. “You did not just ask me out on a date, Tessa. I don’t swing your way and even if I did, the idea of dating you is just…wrong,” he muttered. “No offense,” he added quickly. He’d never once gotten the inclination that Theresa was interested in him like that.

To Kade’s relief, Theresa giggled. “Of course not, ya big oaf. I’m supposed to be double dating with Patricia Templeton tonight. You know, Jared’s sister? She’s introducing me to her new boyfriend. I guess he’s a friend of her brother-inlaw’s. Anyway,” Tessa continued, and Kade smiled, losing focus as he imagined Theresa waving her hand in a dismissive gesture as she talked. His foster sister always talked with her hands. It was entertaining to hold her hands down when trying to have a conversation with her and watch her get frustrated. “So, is that okay?”

Shit!He’d totally missed something. “I’m sorry. What was that last part?”

Theresa blew out a frustrated breath. “Pay attention, Kade!” she snapped. “I said my date cancelled and I don’t want to be a third wheel, so I need you to come so I have someone to talk to while Patricia makes goo-goo eyes at Tom.”

“Oh, yeah, sure, but you owe me,” he teased. They both knew he would have done it regardless, but he might as well get a promise for a return favor out of the deal.

“Fine,” she huffed, probably rolling her eyes. “Can you be at Dave’s Ribs & BBQ in Colin City by seven?”

“Oh, nice. Did you pick that place just for my benefit?” he asked, already looking forward to the amazing ribs the place was famous for.

Chuckling, she replied, “Afraid not, big guy. I guess Tom really likes the place.”

“Mmm, a man after my own heart.”

“Hey, Tom is Patricia’s date. You’ll have to settle for me tonight,” she scolded.

Kade grinned. “Sure, Tessa. I’ll see you later.”

He had started to pull the phone away from his ear when he heard her shout, “Wait! Bear?”

Uh, oh, she only called him that over the phone when she wanted something she thought he might refuse to. “What is it?” he asked warily.

“Can you look kind of intimidating? You know, just in case this guy’s a douche and we need to scare him off,” she explained.

Throwing his head back, Kade let out a belly laughed. “Ah, baby, have you looked at me lately? I’m fucking intimidating without even trying!”

“Ah, you haven’t let yourself go have you, Kade? Is something wrong?”

Kade’s features settled into a smile. “No, Tessa, but you gotta admit I look the part of a rough mechanic. Comes with the job.” He loved owning his own repair shop and wouldn’t trade his job for all the gold in the world.

“Okay. So long as you’re fine, Bear. I’ll see you tonight,” Theresa replied, happiness returning to her voice.


After tossing the cell phone on his desk, he frowned at the clock. He’d have to leave closing the shop to someone else if he wanted to get to Colin City on time, but that was fine. He had several capable employees.

Kade pushed away from the desk, opened a door to a dark stairway, and headed up to his large apartment over his garage. He hopped in the shower, using special soap to scrub at the grease under his fingernails. A moment later, he stared at himself in the mirror. He did look a little rougher than normal. Maybe the beard needed to go. He cocked his head, running a wet hand over the carefully trimmed whiskers. A goatee, maybe? Sure.

He picked up his razor and got to work, carefully buzzing and trimming the dark hair on his face. Once done, he ran his hand over the freshly shaved skin, liking how the new look accentuated his strong jaw and cheekbones. So what if it wasn’t a real date. He could still look nice for his pseudo-sister. As far as looking intimidating went, all he had to do was wear a shortsleeved shirt and show off his tats for that to work. His six foot four inch, heavily muscled build and piercing green eyes would do the rest—and the bike, he decided. Spring was starting to warm things up, but it was still pretty cool for the motorcycle. His leathers would take care of the rest of the look Theresa seemed to want as well as the chill in the air.