The Vampire's Special Lover(8)

By: Charlie Richards

Instinct took over. Roaring with jealousy, Dobs flew across the room and grabbed his beloved, covering him from behind. He glared daggers at his friends. “Get out,” he snarled.

Lex and Seb rolled their eyes, but headed toward the door quickly enough. Lex muttered, “You’re the one who virtually attacked him and created the problem.”

Dobs didn’t need the reminder. He hissed and showed his fangs to the other vampire. He had to admit, with the shifter’s powerful blood coursing through his veins, he felt ten times better.

Caspian followed the pair at a more sedate pace, his arm around his bunny shifter mate. The albino paused in the doorway and turned to Dobs. “He is a shifter. You will have to get used to a certain lack of modesty,” he warned before allowing his mate to pull him from the room.

Once the door closed, Dobs stepped back. Frankie turned around, completely unashamed that his half hard dick was hanging out. “What was that all about?”

Dobs’ gaze riveted to the site of Frankie’s cum-smeared cock, and he felt his own flex in his slacks. He almost forgot what he was going to say. He wanted so badly to bury his erection deep inside the bigger man and force him to submit. Would the wolf let him? Something told him Frankie would, which only excited Dobs further.

Frankie’s shaft thickened before his eyes. “Did you want to fuck now?” Frankie asked, his voice thick with arousal. “Is that why you told everyone to leave?”

Jerking his gaze north, away from the tantalizing sight of his beloved’s genitals, Dobs tried to focus on forming words. If I asked, would Frankie let me slide my fangs into the pulsing vein running the length of his thick cock?

Dobs stumbled back a step. “No,” he managed to get out, his voice husky.

“Too bad,” Frankie said, sounding truly disappointed. He returned to cleaning the cum off his dick.

Dobs really wished that was his tongue wiping away the wolf’s seed.

“I could really use a good pounding. I feel hornier now than when I walked in,” Frankie continued, almost absently.

Groaning, Dobs felt his control slipping. “We have things we need to discuss,” he stated, hearing the arousal in his voice clear as day. Damn it, would the wolf’s pull be this strong if I’d sought him out first thing?

Frankie sighed. He tossed the cum-covered napkins into the trash. “I guess.” Without pulling up his pants, Frankie sat down on the couch and wrapped one hand around his jutting dick, pulling on it idly.

Dobs’ breath caught in his throat. The view of the big man stroking off in front of him was absolutely stunning. Six foot four, blond shaggy hair falling over one green eye, the muscles in his forearm flexing as he slowly moved his hand up and down, and the way the bulging muscles of his thick thighs quivered with obvious tension. It all ratcheted up Dobs’ desire to nearly uncontrollable levels. “Are you baiting me, wolf?” he queried, struggling to control his frustration.

The shifter actually looked confused. His hand paused. “What do you mean?”

Waving toward Frankie’s hand on his hard cock, Dobs couldn’t stop from taking a halting step forward. “You’re jacking off in front of me when I said we needed to talk.”

“Oh.” Frankie looked down at his engorged cock, but didn’t stop slowly moving his hand. After watching himself for a couple seconds, he looked back up at Dobs. “It’d hurt to put my dick back in my jeans right now. This makes it feel better.” He shrugged. “Besides, you’re my mate. It’s okay for your mate to see you jack off, isn’t it?”

Was this wolf serious? Could he really be that…simple? Surely not. “So you’re not trying to get me to fuck you and claim you before we discuss certain…things?” he asked, warily. Damn it was hard to think with this view. He really just wanted to take out his own dick and make Frankie suck it.

“Not really. I mean,” Frankie’s brows drew together. “I’d like it if you fucked me. It feels good to have a dick in my ass. And I know yours would be even better, because my brother told me sex with your mate is better than with anyone else. But I don’t think we should claim each other, yet. There’s too much to talk about, like where we’d live and what you do for work and if you expect me to leave my pack.”

Those were all valid points, and somewhere in the back of Dobs’ mind, he knew that. Unfortunately, about that time, Frankie reached his other hand down and started rolling his heavy balls.

Dobs couldn’t help it. He ached too much and needed relief too badly. A low growl rolled up his chest, catching Frankie’s attention, causing him to pause in his actions. Stalking forward, Dobs yanked open his slacks and released his throbbing shaft and balls.