The Emerald Lily (Vampire Blood)(110)

By: Juliette Cross

“Well, I’d be happy to start with just one.”

“My queen. I am at your command.” He swept her up into his arms and carried her down the corridor toward the exit. More applause and not a little bit of laughter followed them.

She caught her crown. “Really, Mikhail. That was a little dramatic for your first appearance as the new monarch of Arkadia.”

“I’m a man of action.”

“Yes, I know.” She glanced down the marble steps, the people of Arkadia waving and cheering outside the line of Legionnaires, the fragrant smell of roses on the wind as they tossed petals in the air. The warm sun of a spring day beamed down on them. “We’re not going to the reception? Where everyone wants to congratulate you?”

He marched down the long steps and carried her into the awaiting carriage, pulling her into his lap and drawing the curtains. “I don’t want anyone’s attention but yours, Mina mine.” He started on her lacings at the back. “Now, let’s get started making a baby.”

She fell into a fit of laughter, both of them pulling at each other’s regal clothes, stripping the pieces off one by one. He set his crown aside, but when she went to take hers off, he shook his head and forced it back in place. Lifting her by the hips to straddle him, he positioned her and thrust up into her body on a satisfying groan. She sighed, molding her sweet mouth to his. And Mikhail lost himself in her kiss, in her body, in her sultry, sweet sounds and jasmine scent.

For once in his life, he didn’t have a plan. But he had a compass, her soft warmth surrounding him in love. And she would forever point him home.