Spawn Of The Vampire(9)

By: Samantha Snow

She knew where he was heading and she loved the trail of kisses that he was leaving for her to follow, but there was something terrifying about it. She had never been licked before and actually loved it. Most of the men that she dated were terrible at oral and she really hoped that he wasn’t another disappointment in the long list of disappointing men that she had dated and had sex with. She wanted something talented.

Victor didn’t disappoint her. She smiled and gasped as he didn’t waste any time. He kissed the lips of her pussy and immediately slipped his tongue inside of her, licking her slit and playing with her clit like it was a friend that he had missed for too long.

She moaned and gasped at the sudden deluge of emotion that was ripping through her, storming into her and making her gasp and moan in surprise and delight. This was more than she was used to. This was more than she had anticipated from him. She had expected him to be just a passing player, but this was everything.

Running her fingers through his perfect hair, she moaned and screamed, writhing against her couch and breathing heavier and heavier, feeling the pressure building for her to climax and she fought as hard as she could, but every pass of his tongue was something remarkable and overwhelming. It was like he was sculpting her pleasure and she felt her pussy giving in to him. Around and around her clit he went, brushing it and licking it harder and harder as she moaned louder and louder until she was flooded with euphoria. It hit her like a waterfall, but he wasn’t giving her any time to react to it.

She felt the tip of his cock diving into her and she moaned, feeling the sudden expansion of her pussy as the warm tip of his cock drove inside of her, slowly pushing into her and making her whole body arch as she screamed in amazed delight and she wanted more and more from him.

She wanted everything from him. She wanted absolutely everything that he had. This was the culmination of all of his foundation that her last orgasm had laid. His cock inside of her was all that she’d ever wanted and when he plunged deeper and deeper inside of her, she pinched her eyes shut and ran her fingers through his hair.

She was gasping as he gripped her thighs and pulled her onto his cock, diving all the way in and she gasped in surprise. This was everything that she wanted tonight. This was the orgasm that she had been looking for when she’d found him.

He didn’t disappoint her. She moaned and felt his cock all the way inside of her and she savored the feeling. This was everything that it should be. She looked up at him and saw him looking down on her with his cool eyes and she noticed the contrast between their skins. She was normally the palest person in the room, but he beat her by a long shot. She moaned and looked down at his cock slowly sliding out of her and she knew that this was everything he wanted, too.

It was incredible feeling his cock pulling back out of her, like it was rubbing every square inch of her as he pulled back and came close to coming outside of her.

Just as they were about to separate, he drove his cock back inside of her, slow, but it felt like he was going so fast and she moaned, gasping for breath and sanity as she felt pleasure bursting throughout her, like she was going to die from this if she wasn’t careful.

This was the most amazing thing in the world. He grinned and started to pick up the pace now that she was getting used to the feeling. She wasn’t certain that she was getting used to it. In fact, she was fairly certain that she was just getting more and more sensitive to it.

As the pace began to pick up and he started driving himself inside of her faster and faster, she didn’t know if she was going to be able to keep up with him. She was already gasping and moaning, her pussy exploding with pleasure and pulsing with the power of the first orgasm that had already made her hypersensitive. She looked at him, seeing the hungry, ravenous desire in his eyes. She was screaming at the top of her lungs, trying her hardest to keep her pounding heart inside of her chest, but it was a lost cause.

She knew that it wasn’t going to be long now until she had her next orgasm, layering the previous one that she was still trying to get over.

She found the occasions when she was getting fucked to climax, that it was rare that a man had the stamina to do this with her. She was impressed by him and when the orgasm hit, it hit her hard. She knew that he wasn’t done, but she was feeling every corner of her body bursting with delight and pleasure.

He was still going, not yet to the point of climax for himself yet and she pushed him down onto the floor, mounting him while he was on his back. She slowly lowered herself onto him, feeling his long, hard cock slipping inside of her. It was like warm concrete in the middle of the summer and she moaned at how easily it was going into her now.