Spawn Of The Vampire(8)

By: Samantha Snow

She wanted to throw him down right there and see what he had to offer. She wanted to see everything that this playboy had to work with and what his equipment was like.

He kissed her cheek, making his way slowly and tenderly down her neck and she moaned at the feeling of his cool lips against her skin, like wherever he touched there would be frost there when she pulled away. She liked that feeling. She liked that sensation more than anything. It made her shudder and shiver when he kissed her and she didn’t know that his fingers had danced over her body, exploring her with a kind of hungry fascination she hadn’t been expecting.

This was a man who was gifted with a soft touch and he was very interested in her. That was good, she wanted him to be interested in her. She wanted him to be very, very interested in her.

Tender lips pressed against her skin, right above her collar bone and she shivered at the sensation, wanting more and more of it. It was like he was ice and she was fire, ready to ignite and burst across him, filling the room with steam at the drop of a hat.

She was ready for this as he tenderly kissed her and she didn’t even know that her hands were at work as she continued to let him kiss her, throwing her hair back as she leaned her head away from him, giving him access to her bare skin.

It was a spontaneous and a sudden thing that they were starting to lose clothes and she didn’t even know that it was happening until she was half-naked with him and he was shirtless, pale, but as beautiful as a statue in front of her. His body was so magnificent, as though he spent hours every night in the gym and that was all that he did.

She felt like she was looking at the chest and arms of a model, but one of the handsome kinds that didn’t look like they were stoned and spaced out. He was a spectacular specimen and she knew that he was the man of her dreams, molded by the soft sighs and the fluttering heart of a young woman who looked at a thousand magazine ads in her entire life.

This was the man.

This was everything that she wanted.

As he pulled off her dress and she was completely naked, finally catching up to him, she didn’t feel uncomfortable at all, like she normally did. No, this was the first time in her life that she felt like she was comfortable being naked with a man. His kissing of her chest lowered until he was kissing her breasts, kissing them tenderly and running his hands over her body, cupping her breasts and holding them firmly with his hands as he stuck out his tongue and circled her nipples.

She shivered at the feeling, but it was the most incredible licking that she’d ever experienced, like this man was a true master of his craft. This man knew what he was doing. This wasn’t a man who was over eager, spending time on her nipples so that he could have access to other things. No, this was an artist taking his time.

Sensitive and sweet, he sucked on her nipples, playing with them and honing in on what she liked by her responses. She was so blown away by the feeling in her nipples that she had forgotten where she was and what was happening. She felt like she was frozen and finally snapping out of it. She smiled at him and reached down, feeling his cock, expecting it to be a shaft of ice, like the rest of his body had seemed so far, but there was so much more to him.

There was more beyond her wildest dreams. No, this was a man who was blazing hot and she knew that his cock was hungry for her.

She could barely see it as he continued to fondle and lick her breasts, sending jolts of pleasure through her that flooded to every corner of her naked body, but she could definitely feel the magnificence of the cock in her hands and she squeezed it gently and firmly, feeling just how long and how powerful it truly was.

It was a long cock and she knew that she was going to feel him going deeper inside of her than she’d ever felt a cock go. He was just the right width so that it wouldn’t hurt, but she would definitely feel him inside of her, expanding her, close to her limits, but just enough to make her truly enjoy it. She found herself hungry for it, longing for his cock inside of her as she ran her thumb over its soft, fleshy head, wondering what it would be like inside of her.

There was something special about him and he kept kissing her body, like she was a desert that had never been touched with rain before and it was his job to go through and breathe life into her once more. His kisses were like a monsoon and with every kiss that touched her body, she shivered and felt excited by it.

She felt her whole body erupting with pleasure and excitement at the feeling of him kissing every square inch of her chest and stomach, admiring the flat stomach that had been a combination of good genetics and working hard at the gym. She smiled and watched him as he kissed the lengths of her arms and then slowly back down her chest, heading south.