Spawn Of The Vampire(7)

By: Samantha Snow

When they made it back to her apartment, it was a relief that she knew Reggie was home and that she had picked her home as their retreat. She loved her apartment and she loved that she had the kind of job that could pay for a larger, nicer apartment than most of the other people she knew.

It was a nice apartment that she had taken care to decorate beautifully and cleanly. She didn’t believe in clutter and she liked showing off her home. When they walked inside, Victor looked around with a smile on his face, appreciating it as he looked around at the art on the walls and the décor that she’d bought to make the place more inviting and more alluring to those who came to visit.

“This place is fantastic,” he said, sitting down on the sofa that actually matched her

room and was comfortable. It was a one of her greatest prides in the apartment.

“Thanks,” she called to him, walking into the tidy kitchen that was nicer than most other kitchens that her friends or her siblings had. She was the envy of most. She grabbed two glasses and selected one of the red wines she had on hand and poured it for the two of them, watching him as he looked at her bookshelves.

“You’re a fan of the classics,” he mused, looking over the leather bound titles that she had hunted down at used bookstores and at small shops where she discovered them like treasures. “That’s something that’s hard to find with people these days. It’s all about Fifty Shades and pop psychology trash.”

“Couldn’t agree more,” she said with a smile. “What’s your favorite?”

“War and Peace,” he said quickly.

She smiled and handed him the glass of red that she’d selected. She had not expected that from him. War and Peace was an excellent choice and she was glad that he had mentioned it. It was something that was very unique to him. She’d never found anyone who liked War and Peace before, at least not that much.

“Yours?” he asked.

“Pride and Prejudice,” she shrugged.

“A romantic to the core,” he said with a smile.

She finished taking a drink and was glad that she had a little more liquid courage with her. She needed something to give her the bravery and the stamina to do what she wanted to do with him.

There was something intimidating about him and as she looked at him, she knew that something about him was what she truly enjoyed. She wanted to have more time with him and she wanted to appreciate him more in her home. He was engaging and beautiful.

He leaned in and pressed his cool lips to hers and they were so soft and welcoming that she couldn’t possibly imagine. They tasted sweet, like they were made of raspberry cream and he was beyond magical to her. She could feel those lips locked with hers and she knew that there was a powerful quality about them, something engaging that she couldn’t put her finger on, but she didn’t want their lips to part. She wanted to keep her lips on his for the rest of her life, but there was something warning her that he was still the dangerous man that she had suspected he was at the bar.

“Is everything okay?” he asked her softly, his voice breathy and beautiful, like he was winded by the kiss he had just experienced.

“Perfect,” she whispered, not sure if it was a good thing or if it was a bad thing. She was afraid of it.

His cool fingertips brushed against her cheek and he cupped her face, leaning in and pressing his wondrous lips to hers again and she felt like she was melting in his hands. This was something she could get used to and really start to enjoy. There was a truly magical way about him and she knew that she wanted to kiss him again and again for the rest of her days.

She loved the way his lips engaged hers, opening them and truly locking with them, as she continued to kiss him again and again. Their tongues softly brushing against each other, she felt her whole body leaning against him, warming him as they kept kissing, leaning into each other and really building the heat and the momentum of the kiss.

She found herself on the couch, sitting with him, and she could feel her legs draped across his so that she was slightly sitting on top of him, but she didn’t care what was happening. She didn’t care where she was, all she wanted was to have access to his lips. She wanted them pressed against hers

She wanted his tongue to continue to circle hers, pressing softly like they were soul mates that were finally brought together again. This was the kiss she was hungry for. This was everything that she had been hoping to find when she had gone out to the bar tonight.

She ran her fingers over his face, feeling his bone structure, the softness of his skin and then ran her fingertips down his neck and over his strong, sculpted chest, feeling his shoulders and arms as he held her close to him, making sure that she couldn’t escape or pull back. He wanted her and she wanted him.