Spawn Of The Vampire(58)

By: Samantha Snow

She smiled and writhed on the table, loving the feeling of his cool fingertips inside of her wet pussy.

“I think we should try for another,” she said to him in all honesty. She sat up on her elbows and looked at him as he pulled down his underwear. He looked at her and there was something in his eyes that told her that he was well aware of what she was talking about. He could read her mind after all. She looked at him and she knew he was well aware of what she wanted.

“You think we should see if Blake could have a sibling?” he asked her, lifting an eyebrow. “That might be dangerous.”

“I have a guardian angel,” she assured him with a playful smile on her face.

Now that she knew what she was getting into, she figured that they would have a better chance at standing against whatever was coming for them.

He smiled at her and slowly pressed the head of his cock against the threshold of her pussy. She opened her mouth and gasped. They had all night together and she figured they might as well start off trying. As his cock plunged inside of her, she realized that he fully agreed with her.