Spawn Of The Vampire(3)

By: Samantha Snow

In fact, when she finally did see him, he was seated in the corner of the bar, sitting on a couch with some skank with her legs thrown over him, and making out with him with abandon. She felt her stomach lurch at the sight of him with this woman and it hurt inside of her. That was the one opportunity she felt she had going for her, but this was too much. This was the death of all hope that she had.

Inevitably, the only thing that she could think about right now to salvage the disappointment was what kind of ice cream she was going to get on her way home to cope with the reality of this bitter heartache. She didn’t even know the guy, but she couldn’t help but wonder if there could have been something between the two of them, had she been a little more open and aggressive with him.

But she was going to go home and eat raspberry white chocolate ice cream and think about how the only way to get a guy’s attention at places like this was to stick her tongue down his throat.

No, she wasn’t going to do that to herself. She wasn’t going to believe that she had to be something sleazy and something easy to get a man to notice her. She shouldn’t have to lower herself just to get a man to pay attention to her. No, she wanted to be able to be herself and have a man notice her. That was the joy and the pleasure they got and she wanted it, too. She wanted to just be a normal person.

She grabbed her clutch and turned away from the bar, giving up on all of this for the night. Maybe she’d come out with some friends in a few weeks, but it just wasn’t working for her that night. It was a total bust.

“Please tell me you aren’t leaving,” a man said behind her as she spun and practically slammed into him. She stopped and stared at him wide eyed and he chuckled to himself. His voice was deep and smooth, the kind of voice that really dug into her and was resonating with her in every practical way. There was something that immediately burrowed under her skin and started to nest inside of her, something that really liked this man.

“That’s what I get for waiting too long,” he said with a charming smile spreading across the right side of his face in a sort of crooked grin. “Should have been braver,” he said grimly.

Shawna hadn’t even seen this man in the bar and honestly, she thought that she had looked this place over, but he had come out of nowhere, stepping out of the gloom and darkness with his perfect, handsome face and winning her over. There was something about his handsome face that made her really like him and wonder what he was doing wasting his time with her. There were so many other women out there that would have killed to be with him.

His skin was pale, but his hair was dark; black hair that was so well styled that she immediately wanted to run her fingers through it. His strong jaw and tough looking chin was shaded with the stubble that showed up as a contrast to his pale skin. His eyes were dark and his cheekbones were sharp.

There was something about him that felt powerful and unnatural to her, something alarming. She wanted to touch his face with her fingers, to gently brush her fingers over his features just to see if they were real.

He was dressed in a modern style, but his clothes were unlike anything that she had ever seen before. It was almost impossible to put her fingers on what made him so elegant and yet so positively antiquated in the most handsome way ever.

There was something about the style of the suit he was wearing that was different from everyone else’s here and unlike anything that she had ever seen before, but it was impossible to say what it was. His jacket had a high collar and he was wearing a vest that reminded her more of a waist coat than anything else, but she wasn’t sure what it was for sure. It just felt right for him though, unique and beautiful.

His build was lean, but it was muscular beyond anything that she had seen or experienced before. There was something about his body and build that made her think he would look incredible shirtless. She could practically see his defined pecs, arms, shoulders, and abs through the clothing he was wearing and she liked it a lot. This was a man she wanted to spend some time getting to know.

“I’m sorry to stop you if you’re leaving,” he said nervously, but his voice still sounding so charming that it was unbearable. “But, if you’re not, I was hoping that I could ask you to come have a drink with me. You’re the only person in this place who doesn’t seem absolutely desperate and dreadful. I’d love to share a drink with you, if you’re willing.”

He gestured over to a table for two and she wondered where the heck this guy had been hiding the entire night. The fact that he didn’t think that she was desperate almost made her laugh, but she nodded to him like she’d completely forgotten how to speak. She felt like a total spaz and he grinned at her.