Spawn Of The Vampire(2)

By: Samantha Snow

She wondered what she was thinking and how stupid she had been to think that this was ever going to work. This wasn’t how the world worked and it wasn’t how anything was going to run down. It was the kind of fantasy living that she thought would make men magically knights in shining armor and the world a just and wonderful place. But that wasn’t the case.

Shawna decided this wasn’t a place where a woman would magically find the one person in her life who was going to make things better. You only found despair and heartache in places like this. Truthfully, bars were where people found other miserable people like themselves, usually too immature to wake up and see what was shooting them in the foot over and over again.

If she woke up the next morning with a strange guy in her bed, all she was going to feel was regret, not excitement about the bright new future they might have together.

This was the kind of place where people came to make mistakes happen. The white, glowing top of the bar was stained with melted ice, spilled drinks, and littered with the items of people who were pairing off and talking to other people who were all there for the same purpose. Everyone was lying through their teeth that they were here for wholesome fun with their friends. That’s what art gallery shows were for and other places like that, not a bar.

Here, amidst the darkness getting pierced by black lights and flashing strobes from the dance floor, people were looking for instant sex. This was the equivalent of the relationship vending machine that people thought was going to magically take all of their problems and burn them all away. They thought that only good things would happen here, but nothing good came with such little work.

Sure, maybe people could mold and shape their relationship into something amazing, but they were certainly going to leave Fatty’s Bar out of the story when they told it to their couples friends. They’d pick it up on the first date.

What was she doing here? She wanted a real relationship. She wanted what Tyler wasn’t willing to give her and there was nothing wrong with that. She wanted a substantial relationship that was going to make her happy inside and give her hope, not depress her to death. She wanted to have a guy that was interested in more than just coming over, turning on Netflix for a half an hour and then having sex.

She wanted to actually go on dates and not do weird kinky things that only he liked. She was fine with the sex. In fact, she really liked the sex. Sex was one of those things that she would never get bored of and that she loved having a lot of, she just needed more than sex.

There was something about the rest of it that broke her heart, though. It was depressing and sad. It was the kind of breakup that made her wonder what was wrong with her since she had gone along with all of this in the first place. She was questioning everything and right now, she was trying to see if there was hope for her in the world outside of Tyler. She wanted there to be more out there waiting for her.

She worked in accounting at an engineering company and her life was about as boring and stable as it could get, so relationships were her only real outlet for fun. So far, all of those fun guys had turned out to be massive creeps who loved destroying her self-esteem when they were done with her.

She was tired of all of that. She needed someone in her life who was going to build her up and that would give her the encouragement and the hope that she needed. She needed someone to give her a fire that would burn through her soul and save her mind.

When she was done looking at numbers and spreadsheets all day, she wanted a special sort of guy who was ready to go do something fun, not stick around the house and have sex or drag her out in the wilderness. They lived in the most amazing city in the world and she would rather go to a coffee shop, explore a few holes in the wall, and then go home and have sex. Was that too much to ask? It just felt like they all got lazy.

Here, all she could see was more of the same, more of the exact same depressing bros who just wanted to make her happy enough to get her out of her clothes and into bed with them. She was tired of that game and while most of the bros were herding around the skanks who wore dresses that were shorter and tighter or flashier than Shawna’s, she felt herself ready to get out of here.

She stuck around for a few more minutes, hoping that one of the guys that she had seen earlier might come back. She really liked the guy with the glasses.

She searched the bar for him, hoping that she would find him coming back from the bathroom or the bar after being slightly disappointed by the evening. However, as she looked around, she noticed that the cute guy with the glasses was nowhere to be seen.