Melted By The Vampires(5)

By: Amira Rain

Instead of giving in to my request for him to kill me, he'd told me that it was clear that the smaller group of vampires killed my coven family, and that what I should do was take revenge. He urged me to redirect my grief and pain to this end, saying that it would make me feel better in the end. I was sure I'd never feel "better," but the thought of revenge appealed to me, and so I agreed.

We'd worked out a plan where I'd infiltrate the smaller coven of vampires and then kill the two leaders with my supernatural powers. Clark said it would help us both meet our goals. I would get revenge, and he would finally have this smaller coven of vampires dealt with for good. Despite the fact that he and all The Saints were incredibly strong, they hadn't yet been able to kill the two leaders of the smaller coven.

Before Clark and I put our plan into action, he'd been killed by Dedrick, and Dedrick hadn't seemed very interested in having me kill the two leaders right then. He wanted to kill them himself, and he was confident that he could. But just in case, he wanted me to be his backup plan.

He wanted to first falsify papers saying that I'd been found fertile after the nuclear blast, even though the opposite was true. Then, I'd be frozen and left where the smaller coven of vampires would find me and claim me as their own, to thaw in a time of great need, which Dedrick figured could be anytime from a few years to a few hundred.

We figured that when I was thawed, I'd find myself in one of two scenarios. The first would be that I'd discover that Dedrick and The Saints had already killed the two smaller coven leaders and my services weren't needed. The second scenario would be that I'd awake from thawing to find that the two vampire leaders were still alive, and Dedrick hadn't been successful, even in all the years that I'd been frozen.

And, of course, this latter scenario had been the case. I awoke from thawing to discover that the two vampire leaders were not only still alive, but their formerly small coven was now large, just from a few things I’d heard while in the hospital, and from what I'd seen of the city of New Detroit out the window.

So, my revenge services were needed after all, which made me glad. At first, when Dedrick and I came up with our plan, I'd been hesitant because I hadn't wanted to just be the backup plan; I wanted to kill the two leaders. I wanted a chance at doing it first, before Dedrick.

However, there hadn't really been anything I could do. He was the leader of the largest and most powerful vampire coven at the time, and as badly as I'd wanted to take the first crack at killing the two smaller coven leaders, it wasn't like I could go toe-to-toe with Dedrick and his hundreds of vampires to claim that chance. I just had to settle for being the backup plan, and now I was thrilled that I was needed. I was finally going to have revenge on the two vampire leaders for them killing my coven family.

There was just one problem, though. My supernatural powers didn’t appear to have survived my freezing. Or they had, but were just taking some time to warm up. Or something. I wasn't really sure. All I knew was that I'd been trying to do my beam-of-light trick since the very first day I'd been thawed, but I'd had zero success.

It just wasn't happening. I hadn't been able to perform any of my minor powers, either, not that I really cared about those. It was with my silvery beams of light that I intended to use to kill my two targets.

Despite being a little anxious about recovering my powers, I really wasn't too worried yet. I figured I'd get them back in time, maybe within a couple of weeks. After all, being frozen and then thawed, I knew my body had been through a lot. It only made sense that whatever was inside me, that gave me my supernatural gifts, would need some time to return to full strength.

In the meantime, I just had to bide my time, gaining my two targets' trust so that they'd be absolutely blindsided when I finally killed them by directing beams of light at their heads, one right after the other. Beams of light that were certain to kill them. Ninety-nine percent, certain, anyway.

Usually, vampires could only be killed by being staked or stabbed through the heart and then decapitated. But, though it had been extremely rare throughout vampire history, vampires could also be killed by exceedingly powerful witches. And, maybe just a year before the nuclear disaster, I'd discovered this firsthand when I'd had to defend myself from a nomadic vampire who'd been visiting The Saints.

A fairly new vampire, he attacked me, not yet able to resist human blood, so I shot him with a beam of light, intending just to disable him, but instead, I'd killed him instantly. So, I was ninety-nine percent sure that taking out my two targets would be just as easy. Once I finally got my powers back, anyway. But at present, I was going to have to suffer. I couldn’t make my two targets completely powerless and was unable to even injure them, let alone kill them.