Melted By The Vampires

By: Amira Rain
A Paranormal Menage Romance


It was finally time.

Time for me to meet the two men I was going to assassinate. Time for me to meet the two men I was going to murder in cold blood. But first, before this meeting could take place, I had to find a matching sock, or else look like an absolute idiot. I'd been melted for about a week. I'd awoken in a hospital, feverish, but with my memory mercifully intact. The memory-strengthening spell that I'd cast over myself before being frozen had worked perfectly. It was all going according to plan. Mostly, anyway.

Once my fever had broken and I'd been declared perfectly healthy, I'd been transported to an apartment on the thirty-ninth floor of a forty-story building in the heart of the city, and there I remained. I hadn't had a choice but to remain. I'd been given all the material possessions and comforts I could want, but I hadn't been given freedom.

Essentially, I'd been kept prisoner. Hardly any visitors, no phone, no trips out of the city.

And my apartment door was one that locked from the inside and the outside. The key to the outside lock could lock and unlock both, but, by some mechanism I didn't even fully understand, I couldn't unlock the outside lock from the inside. This was how Brenda, the older woman who did my laundry and brought me fresh food every couple of days, had been able to keep me contained.

She'd said it was for my own good. As the last frozen woman on earth to be thawed, and thus, very important and valuable to the two leaders of the city, there was great concern about something happening to me if I were to be allowed to go out and about. I suspected that this was really less about something happening to me, and more about me trying to flee. I'd heard a hushed conversation between two nurses while in the hospital, something about a phenomenon called "frozen woman flight," which was apparently fairly common.

Because it didn't affect my mission, I hadn't really cared that much about being confined. At least, I hadn't once gotten past the second day, when a low-level sense of panic I'd had since awakening, peaked in some sort of wild tantrum that had just kind of happened.

The panic soon left me, but while I'd been in the grip of it, I'd heaved my body against the door, unsuccessfully trying to break it down, yelling; later, when Brenda came with some groceries, she saw me trying to break windows with my shoes in some desperate, half-ass attempt to escape the apartment by climbing down the face of the building.

I attempted the window-breaking right in front of her, right when she was in the apartment, and hadn’t even cared. She called a guard, some tall, stern-faced, gray-haired man, and when he warned me to cease all efforts to escape, I threw several pairs of shoes at his face. He ducked, making me miss, and he and Brenda then removed all shoes from my apartment. Brenda said that anything else I tried to use to escape or attack people with, would go, too.

That had been one of the few things she said to me all week. She asked me if I'd recovered my memory, and I said yes; she told me that I was in a sovereign city-state called New Detroit, which was located within the nation of Michiana. Then she told me that the co-leaders of the city, who I was to sleep with in hopes of producing a child, were away on some sort of a hunting trip and would be back in about a week. She also told me that these two men were vampires. Other than a few other things of no particular importance, that had been about it.

When she'd told me that I'd be sleeping with two men in hopes of producing a child, I'd done my best to widen my eyes in what I hoped was a genuine-seeming expression of shock and surprise. But the reality was that this news wasn't any kind of a surprise at all. Same with the news about these two men being vampires. I already knew they would be. But again, I'd had to feign a little wide-eyed surprise, hoping that my acting skills were convincing. They seemed to be.

Brenda had just left my apartment after coming by to inform me that the city's two leaders had returned from their trip, and would be by to pay me a visit shortly. She hadn't said anything else, just this, and then had immediately left, leaving me to wonder just exactly what kind of a "visit" I was soon to receive.

If it was just a visit to make introductions, I was ready for that; and if it was to be a visit visit already, I was ready for that, too. Over the course of the week, I'd told myself that a visit visit was inevitable, and I'd just have to endure it in order to accomplish my goal of a double assassination.

There was just no way around it. I knew I had to act like I was just any other frozen woman, one who'd agreed to be frozen for the good of humanity, and one who had come to accept what she'd been told, that she'd be sleeping with two men in order to produce a child for one of them. However, I didn't have to like all this, and I didn't feel like I even had to act like I did.