Lone Wolf's Woman (Olympic Wolves Book 1)(9)

By: PA Vachon

“You couldn’t ever do that.” Gus said, “I don’t mind if you need to stay for a few weeks while you get your cabin habitable.”

“Thanks, you don’t know how much I appreciate your help and kindness.” Memphis said, “But, I really would like to stay at my own place. I want to be independent.”

“I get that. Ok, we can go by the cabin right after breakfast,” Gus replied, “If that’s alright with you that is?”

“That would be perfect.” Memphis said.

Gus went to the oven and asked over his shoulder,

“How do you like your eggs?”

“Over-easy if you don’t mind.” Memphis answered.

“That works.” Gus said, “That’s how I cook mine too.”

Gus went back to cooking breakfast as Memphis watched in silence. This was something she’d never had with her uncle. He had always pawned her off onto the help. While it was nice to spend time with other people, the maids and cook always kept her at a distance. Memphis hadn’t understood why until she’d hit her teens. Her uncle kept everyone, including his household staff on a short leash. Only giving them instructions and rules that he expected them to follow. Even some of the stranger rules. Like, don’t talk to my niece unless asked a direct question. That rule had only lasted in as long as it took for Memphis to start asking questions. A lot of questions.

Some days the maid who was assigned to her care would look at her and smile, then say...

“Memphis, child you ask too many questions for such a small body. You hush now.”

Memphis didn’t discover until her fifteenth birthday that her uncle had threatened the jobs of all who worked in his home. He told the staff that Memphis’s needs were to be taken care of, but under no uncertain terms were they to befriend her. After the conversation she’d overheard in her uncle’s office before she’d fled to her grandmother’s cabin she could see why he’d kept her isolated and under his thumb. Keep the maids and cook scared of losing their jobs and they would treat her as the ‘poor little rich girl’ that her uncle wanted. So, when the time came his plan to sell off her virginity and her inheritance, no one in the house would be the wiser as they weren’t that close to his niece, giving him the perfect opportunity to follow through with his heinous plan.

Shaking herself from the memories that were better left in her past, Memphis picked up her fork and began to eat. The eggs cooked to perfection tasted amazing after the good night’s sleep that she had gotten. The coffee was strong and eye opening, just what she’d needed to get herself going. Finishing her breakfast, she said to Gus

“I’m going to get dressed. Then we can go if that’s alright.”

“Of course, I’ll get these dishes done and meet you in the living room.” Gus answered, gathering up the plates and turning to the sink. He heard Memphis leave the kitchen, taking a cleansing breath he rolled his eyes skyward and sighed. This was going to be harder than he thought. Why? Why was he always attracted to the women who needed him? A hero complex was a pain in the ass. Finishing the dishes, he waited for Memphis to come back out.

Memphis walked down the hall to the bedroom and began to get dressed in jeans and a screen print tee, adding a six-strand silver chain necklace and matching earrings to finish off her outfit. Bending, she took her black ankle boots from her suitcase and sat on the bed to put them on. Once she was completely dressed she went into the bathroom and started on her face.

Concealer under her eyes, a little foundation to even out her skin tone and a swipe of mascara and a soft pink lip stain completed her look. Taking a deep breath, she went towards the living room and Gus. He was so sweet, helping her out when she wasn’t sure what to do about her cabin. Letting her stay at his home while she fixed hers up. Gus was a sight, 6’1” of pure muscle, his brown hair cropped close to his head, his chocolate brown eyes with hints of gold. It was enough to make her knees weak. And his ink, yum. Shaking her head to clear the sensual fog she smiled at Gus and said,

“I’m ready when you are.”

“After you my lady,” Gus said with a bow as he opened the front door, “You chariot awaits.”

Giggling, Memphis walked down the stairs to the driveway and opened the passenger door to the truck. Climbing in, she buckled her seat belt as Gus did the same thing in the driver’s seat.

Stopping on the street next to Memphis’s cabin they both looked at the state of disrepair that it was in. Memphis wasn’t sure they would be able to get the cabin ready so that she could move in.