Lone Wolf's Woman (Olympic Wolves Book 1)(8)

By: PA Vachon

“You’re in luck, I have cold water or juice if you want something sweet.”

“Water would be perfect,” Memphis said licking her lips, “I’m feeling a bit thirsty, since it was in the fridge I don’t need the ice.”

Gus grabbed the pitcher of water off the shelf and proceeded to walk to a cupboard by the sink. Reaching up, he opened the door and grabbed a glass from inside. Pouring the water into the glass, he turned and offered the cool liquid to Memphis.

Taking the glass from his hand, Memphis lifted it to her lips and drank slowly, unbeknownst to Memphis Gus watched every move. As the water slide down her slim throat he inhaled deeply, catching a scent of arousal from Memphis. She had apparently been checking him out while he looked for a drink. Gus was pleased, he didn’t know what it was about Memphis, but he was certainly drawn to her. Like a moth to a flame. Her scent was intoxicating. It was like nothing he’d ever smelled before, a mixture of peony and sunshine.

“Well, it’s getting late.” Gus muttered in Memphis’s general direction as he turned towards the sink to refill the water pitcher, “I think I’m about ready for bed. Do you need anything else tonight?”

Memphis watched Gus for several seconds before answering him,

“No, thank you. I think I’m good. I can’t wait to snuggle into all of those pillows on that amazing bed.”

Memphis headed towards the hall with Gus trailing behind, turning off lights and checking door locks. This was the only time of the day that he actually locked his doors. When he was in for the night and going to bed. During the day no one bothered with his house, but the other shifter species in town were sometimes aggressive. Protecting his home was one of the most important things in Gus’s life.

“Good night, Gus,” Memphis said as she opened the bedroom door. She paused before entering, turned and gave him a slight smile, “I really do appreciate everything that you’ve done for me today.” Gus had stopped when she reached her door, he watched as she turned towards him. As if in slow motion he continued to watch as Memphis leaned into him, kissing his check.

“Good night.” Gus said, “I don’t mind helping you out, so you’re welcome.”

Giving Memphis one more smile, he continued down the hall to the master bedroom, opened his door and stepped in. Striping as he walked to his bed, he pulled the blankets down and sat on the side of the bed. Looking down at his hands, he wondered yet again why he was so drawn to Memphis, was it because she needed his help or was it something else?

At the same time that Gus was having a mental conversation with himself, Memphis was changing into her sleep shorts and cami. Wondering if Gus thought of her as anything more than a woman who needed saving. Today had not been her day. At all.

Crawling beneath the quilt, Memphis slouched down into the mountain of fluffy pillows and pulled the quilt up to her chin, sighing she turned on her side and closed her eyes. Memphis never realized she’d fallen asleep until she was awoken the next morning.



orning, sleepyhead.” Gus said as Memphis stumbled into the kitchen.

“Ugh,” was grunted towards him.

On a laugh he said, “Coffee?”

Shuffling to the counter, Memphis took a coffee cup and filled it to the brim, taking a sip she pushed her hair out of her eyes and savored the dark, rich life-giving brew. Cracking one eye a little more open, Memphis looked at Gus and grimaced.

“Please tell me you aren’t one of those terribly annoying people who think morning starts at the butt crack of dawn. I don’t think we can be friends if you’re a morning person.”

Laughing loudly Gus replied,

“Well, I guess we can’t be friends. It’s ten thirty. I’ve been up for five hours. You know the saying the early bird catches the worm and all that jazz.”

Memphis groaned, rolled her eyes and then laughed along with Gus.

“Ok, we can be sort of friends.” She said, “But, I retain the right to decide we can’t be friends anymore if you’re up-at-the-crack-of-dawn-cheery-attitude irritates me.”

Grinning, Gus asked,

“What’s on your agenda today? I know Sassy told you to come into the bar today sometime to get started. But it there anything else you’d like to do or see before you have to schlep drinks?”

Looking out the window Memphis could see that the sun was shining brightly, and the day was going to be beautiful. Thinking about it for several minutes, she said to Gus

“I would love to go back to my cabin and see what kind of things I can do immediately. I want to be able to move in as soon as possible. Plus, I don’t want to take advantage of your kindness.”