Lone Wolf's Woman (Olympic Wolves Book 1)(7)

By: PA Vachon

“So, the hotel is just up here on the left,” Gus said, pointing off in the darkening distance. “We should make it just before they close for the night.”

“Perfect, thank you again Gus,” Memphis replied, “I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t stopped earlier today. I really appreciate all of your help.”

“It’s no problem,” Gus said, “I love helping.”

Gus signaled to turn into the darkened driveway to the hotel. Frowning, he pulled up to the door of the lobby. That’s when he saw a white sheet of paper, taped to the door and billowing slightly in the small breeze off the lake.

“Wait here a second, I’m going to go see what that paper is on the door,” Gus said to Memphis.

“Ok,” Memphis replied.

Gus got out of the truck and angling his body a bit to the right he used the headlights to read what the piece of paper said.

Closed due to family emergency

Well, that put a wrench in things didn’t it, Gus thought to himself as he headed back to the driver’s side of his truck, opening the door he got in and turned to face Memphis.

“So, the paper says their closed due to an emergency.” Gus said, “I can drive you a couple towns over to another hotel, or you can crash in my guest room until the hotel re-opens. It’s your choice.”

Memphis thought for several seconds, knowing she couldn’t work and be two towns over, she didn’t have a car right now. But could she stay with a stranger?

“I’d like to stay here in town,” Memphis decided, “If you don’t mind I’d appreciate it.”

“If I’d minded, beautiful, I wouldn’t have offered.” Gus answered.

Starting the truck, Gus pulled out of the empty parking lot and headed for his cabin.

Pulling into his driveway, Gus put the truck in park and shut off the engine. Taking the keys from the ignition he looked at Memphis and said,

“Let’s get you inside and settled, you have a big day tomorrow.”

“Thanks Gus, I really do appreciate all of your help.” Memphis said with a smile, yawning she covered her mouth and blushed, “Sorry about that, I think my day is catching up with me.”

“No worries, beautiful.” Gus said, “let’s get you inside, yeah.”

Gus helped Memphis from the truck and then lead the way up to the porch. Once there he unlocked the front door and showed Memphis where the restroom was, then headed further down the hall. Stopping at a closed door, he turned slightly and smiled.

“This is the guest room,” Gus said opening the door, “I hope it will be comfortable.”

“I’m sure it will...” Memphis began, then stopped talking looking into the room she was taken away, the window on the far side of the room had a built-in seat covered in overstuffed pillows. It would be a perfect spot to lose yourself in a great book. The queen-sized bed was in the middle of the other full wall, covered in a lavender comforter with more overstuffed pillows, there was a small nightstand with a lamp and a plush small bedside carpet the same color as the comforter. It looked welcoming, warm.

Memphis did a complete turn, taking it all in. She had fallen in love with the soft watercolor tones, the over-stuffed pillows and the amazing window seat. Stopping mid turn, she looked at Gus and said on a happy sigh,

“This is the prettiest room I’ve ever seen. It’s the room of every little girls’ dreams.”

“I’m glad you approve,” Gus laughingly replied, “You can dream all the dreams in here for as long as you need to.”

Memphis turned back and looked out the window. With a pleased sigh she walked towards the bed, set her bag down and then looked back over her shoulder at Gus,

“Thank you again for letting me stay.” Memphis said, “I really appreciate it.”

“Of course,” Gus replied, “I couldn’t leave you on the side of the road and I certainly couldn’t leave you at a closed hotel. I’m going to go and see if I have anything to drink besides water. Would you like anything?”

“I’d love some ice water actually.” Memphis said, “I’ll go with you.”

Gus and Memphis left the guest room and headed for his open kitchen, from the hall you could see the Livingroom, dining area and the kitchen. The kitchen was a chef’s dream. A large center island, covered with a granite top, cherry wood cabinets and a six-burner gas stove. It was amazing. Too bad Memphis didn’t cook, at this exact moment she wished she could do more than make microwave pizza and warm up soup.

Going to the fridge, Gus opened the door, leaned into the fridge and looked inside saying,