Lone Wolf's Woman (Olympic Wolves Book 1)(6)

By: PA Vachon

“Sassy, knock it off.” Gus said with a laugh, “This is Memphis. She’s new in town and in need of a job. She’s going to be staying at her grandmother’s cabin down the road from me once she gets it fixed up a bit.”

“Gus, you’re just no fun. I’m just giving you a bad time.” Sassy said on a smile. “besides, if she’s new in town it’s not like she’s your woman or something.”

“Memphis, as you can see there’s a reason we call her Sassy,” Gus explained with a roll of his eyes at Sassy’s usual behavior, “Ignore her. She’s a prankster of the worst order.”

“Don’t you mean, first order?” Memphis asked.

“Nope, worst order.” Gus reiterated, “Because usually her pranks are the worst.”

“Oh, shut it!” Sassy said with a smirk, “Do you have any experience hun?”

“Well, no. Not really,” Memphis replied looking dejected, “I didn’t have to work when I was at home. But, I’m a fast study.”

“Tell you what,” Sassy said, “Come back tomorrow, it’s a slow day for us and will be easier to train you.”

“Wait, what?” Memphis asked in disbelief, “You’re giving me a job?”

“Yes, unless you don’t want one,” Sassy laughed. “I’ll see you at four o’clock tomorrow afternoon, wear jeans and a tee shirt. When you get here, I’ll get you a uniform. And by uniform, I mean a tee with the bar’s logo on it.”

Sassy turned from the table to put their order ticket in the pass-through window. Memphis watched her walk away, still reeling from getting an actual JOB. Turning back to Gus she said,

“Oh my gosh, you were right! Thank you so much!”

“I told you Sassy would help.” Gus said, smiling.

“I guess so,” Memphis replied, smiling back at Gus. She’d never felt such an instant attraction to someone before. It wasn’t only because he was a hunk, he was also a really nice man. She was lucky he was the one who’d stopped to help when her car had broken down in the rain.

“So, are we going to the hotel after our meal?” Gus asked, “I don’t mind if you want to hang out a bit longer, but this is a small town which means everything closes at sundown.”

“Yes, definitely to the hotel.” Memphis answered, “I need to get settled so that I get a good night’s rest for the first day of my first job.”

“Wait, first job?” Gus asked with disbelief, “You’ve never worked before, ever?”

“No...I mean I babysat when I was a teenager.” Memphis said with agitation, “I mean, I volunteered and stuff too, but no paying job before this.”

“You’ll do great,” Gus said, looking at Memphis and wondering why she’d never had to work. It really didn’t matter why, she was an anomaly and he was smitten. He was saved from looking like a stalker when Sassy showed up with their order.

“Here ya go, enjoy.” Sassy said as she set our plates down.

Memphis picked up the ketchup and squeezed some on her plate next to the fries that were piled high. Next, she picked up the squeeze bottle of mayo and put that on top of the ketchup. Placing it back on the table she grabbed the salt and pepper and sprinkled both liberally over the condiment puddle. Grabbing her fork, she stirred the whole strange looking mixture until it was a light pinkish red color.

“Thanks Sassy,” Memphis said with a smile as she picked up a fry and then dipped it in the strange mayo and ketchup concoction she’d made on her plate. She placed the fry in her mouth and started to chew, closing her eyes in pleasure. All Gus could do was stare. She was a sight, absofuckinglutely gorgeous. And he’d done it again. Rescued a beautiful damsel in distress, shit.



us watched as Memphis walked in front of him to the door. Reaching above her head, he laid his hand on the large wooden door and gave it a push. He placed his other hand at the small of her back, he guided her through the door and outside to the parking lot. They headed for his truck. Opening her door, he waited while she climbed in to the passenger seat, watched as she buckled her seatbelt then closed the door.

Settling into his own seat, he buckled his belt and then started his truck. Putting it in drive he took a right out of the parking lot and headed to the only hotel in town. The drive would only take minutes, Gus looked at Memphis, wondering why he was always attracted to women who seemed to need a rescuer. He didn’t think it made them weak, on the contrary. It made them stronger than most people he knew. Knowing they needed help, they were brave enough to ask for it.