Lone Wolf's Woman (Olympic Wolves Book 1)(3)

By: PA Vachon

“Can you tell me what the car did before it died?” He asked, “Did it make any noises or anything?”

“Well, not really.” Memphis said, “It kind of sputtered, then died.”

“I’m not a mechanic,” the man stated, “But, I know a little about cars. Pop your hood and I’ll take a look for you. Where were you headed?”

“That would be great, thanks.” Memphis answered as she pulled the hood latch for the second time, “I was headed for Lake Quinault. I have a cabin near there.”

“Nice, I live just outside of town myself,” He said, “By the way, my name is Atticus. Atticus Redtree, but you can call me Gus. Everyone does.”

“Hi, Gus. It’s nice to meet you.” Memphis replied, “My name is Memphis. Memphis Rose.”

Gus headed for the front of the car and opened the hood. Memphis debated whether or not to go back out into the rain. Deciding she was soaked already, and it wouldn’t matter she left her car and walked to where Gus was standing fiddling with one of the lines (or were those hoses) of her old beater.

“So, it looks like the battery cables are bad.” Gus said pointing to where the cables were connected on the top of the battery, “There’s a lot of corrosion here on the terminals. I can take you into town to the repair shop and then have your car towed to the shop that’s in town.”

“That would be great,” Memphis said enthusiastically, she was ready to get warm and dry. “Let me just grab my overnight bag from the car.”

Gus watched as Memphis walked to the back of the car, lifting the trunk lid she leaned in, he could just see the outline of her in the darkening twilight. It was an image that would be burned into his brain for quite some time. Gus headed for his own vehicle to clean out the passenger side floorboard. He was not the best at keeping his rig clean, at least on the inside. Memphis slammed the trunk and made a quick beeline for lifted 4x4 that was parked in front of her car. She paused before getting into the opened door.

“I mean I appreciate the ride and all,” Memphis said worriedly, “But, should I be worried? You might be a serial killer for all I know.”

“I might be,” Gus agreed with a smile and a laugh, “but the only cereal killing I’ve done is to the bowl of Cocoa puffs I ate for breakfast earlier today.”

Memphis gave a relieved laugh and climbed up into the truck, no small feat as she was only 5’3” and had to use the sidestep and the oh shit handle.

“Thank you, Gus for doing this,” Memphis said, “I wasn’t sure how I was going to get into town.”

“It’s not a problem at all,” Gus answered, turning to look at Memphis with a grin. “Do you want to go to the motel after the auto repair shop? Or, I can take you to your cabin if you’d like?”

Memphis thought about it for several minutes, not sure if she could trust this man. He was nice to stop, but did he want to get her alone at the cabin to do nefarious things to her?

“Um, I ‘ll let you know once I’m done with the auto repair shop,” Memphis said with a smile, “Then I’ll know where to go from there.”

“Sounds good, doll.” Gus answered on a husky laugh, starting his truck and pulling away from the side of the road. “You want to listen to some music?”

“Sure, whatever you’d like to listen to,” Memphis said, “Well, anything but no jazz music, it puts me right to sleep.”

Gus laughed out loud then leaned over to turn on the radio, tuning in a country station. Blake Shelton was singing about a honey bee. Such weird music, but cute.



ulling up to Ray’s Auto Repair, Gus put his truck into park and shut off the engine. Memphis had sat quietly in the passenger seat, deep in thought she hadn’t noticed that the truck had stopped until Gus opened his door. Walking around the front of the truck, he reached for her door handle and opened her door. Memphis slid from the seat with a smile aimed at Gus.

“Thank you.” Memphis said, “I hadn’t noticed we’d arrived.”

“No problem,” Gus answered, “My momma would skin me alive if I didn’t treat you right. Like a lady.”

Memphis grinned, with a laugh she said,

“Well we wouldn’t want your momma to give you what for now would we.”

Memphis and Gus made their way to the front door of the repair shop. Pushing the door open, Gus called out,

“Ray, hey Ray, where you at man? I have a customer here. Her car needs a tow back into town, the battery cables and terminals are corroded and could probably stand with a cleaning, if not a new battery all together.”