Lone Wolf's Woman (Olympic Wolves Book 1)(2)

By: PA Vachon

From there, they were inseparable. For about three months, then he came home from work one afternoon and Lorraine said,

“I’m done with this.”

“Done with what, hun?” Gus asked bewildered.

“This thing we’re doing.” Lorraine said pointing between them, “I appreciate all you’ve done for me, but my life isn’t here. I need excitement. I need the city. I have to go. Thanks, for everything.”

Gus watched as she left. He still couldn’t believe she’d gone. He watched the same way when Amy, Renee and Stef had done the same thing. He’d heard later down the line that each had left town, settled in the Seattle area and had long term relationships with other men. Lorraine had even married since that day five years before. He really needed to stop helping damsels. Especially the pretty ones.



emphis was out of time and out of options. She knew her uncle would eventually figure out that she’d headed to the Olympic Peninsula, to just outside of Lake Quinault where her cabin was located. It was left to Memphis by her maternal grandmother in her last will and testament. What she hadn’t expected was for her new to her car to break down in the middle of a freak summer thunderstorm. The rain started just outside Olympia, and it was vastly different than any Louisiana rain storm. Memphis had gotten off the I5 freeway to head west towards the coast road highway. At first it was no big deal, just some rain. As she got closer to the Olympic National Forest it had turned into a deluge, hard driving rain that was falling sideways...and then the thunder and lightning had started. She thought she’d beat the storm, ten miles from her destination and her car sputtered and then died an agonizingly loud death. Looking down at her cell, she discovered that she had no bars and very little charge. She really needed to get to a phone store to replace her charger, it just wasn’t working right. Memphis debated whether to get out of the car and check under the hood. Memphis was definitely no mechanic, she’d been a pampered princess kept under lock and key after her parents had died in a car accident when she was eight years old. Her father’s brother, her uncle Charles, had said it was to keep her safe. When really, he’d only wanted to keep her from other people. Once she hit eighteen her uncle had started to act differently. Always asking her what she wanted to do with her life. She’d answered that particular question the same way every time. She wanted to be an artist, a painter just like her mother before her. Memphis wanted to paint majestic landscapes and life like portraits. That was one of the reasons she’d escaped from her locked room and ran for the rainforest of Washington state. That and the fact that her uncle had sold her to the highest bidder, like a Thoroughbred racehorse that bred the high stakes winners for the Kentucky Derby.

Right now, wasn’t the time to think about her Uncle Charles and the man she’d been auctioned off to. Kyle Davies was in her rear-view mirror and that’s where he and her uncle would both stay. She needed to get back on the road. Letting her head fall to the steering wheel in defeat, she took a deep breath, pulled the engine release and opened the driver’s door of her car. Huddled against the driving rain, she made her way to the front of the car and opened the hood, using her phone as a flashlight she stared into the dark abyss that was the engine compartment of her small sedan. Looking, but not knowing what anything was. She sighed loudly, the sound lost in the torrent of the rain. Slamming the hood closed, she rushed back to the driver’s side of her car. Soaked from head to toe, she sat shivering in the seat. It may have been mid-summer, but even mid-summer could be chilly on the peninsula.

After slamming her door closed, Memphis let her head fall back on the headrest of her seat. Closing her eyes, she did something she’d not done in years, she asked for assistance from the one being she’d stopped believing in when she was just eight years old. She asked God to get her out of this predicament. Little did she know, she’d get her answer in the form of a large hunk of a gorgeous man.

Memphis had been sitting with her head back and her eyes closed for so long she’d almost fallen asleep. Hearing a loud bang, she startled, looking to her left she saw the shadow of a very large man knocking on her driver’s window. When he saw that she’d looked his was, he pantomimed rolling the window down. Not sure what to do, Memphis lowered the window an inch and then leaned over to hear the man speak.

“Hey, are you ok?” The man asked, “Do you need help?”

“Um, hi.” Memphis replied, “Yes. No. Well, maybe. I’m not sure what happened. It died.”