Lone Wolf's Woman (Olympic Wolves Book 1)

By: PA Vachon


To my PA, Rhianna you’re the best. Without you my words would not make sense. Thank you for always being there.

To my husband, as always you are my greatest supporter. I love you, forever.


For Julie, thank you for being a sounding board and for your words of wisdom while trying to get this book finished. You are so loved and appreciated.

To Trisha, your help on location details was immensely appreciated. We must road trip to the peninsula someday.

To all my readers, without you I couldn’t continue on this journey. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love and smooches.



emphis stood staring from her second story window watching the rain fall. New Orleans in June was always wet. Considering it stayed in the mid-seventies to the high eighties the rain was a humid, hot, and oppressive experience. Having lived here since her parents died when she was eight, she was used to the weather. What she wasn’t used to was the way her uncle had started locking her in her room when she was home from her shopping and visiting excursions. She hadn’t left the house in two weeks. Things needed to change.

It started in late April and so far, she’d been stuck in her room reading and staying out of her uncle’s way. The last time Memphis had asked him why he was holding her prisoner, Uncle Charles had sneered and said in a deadly voice,

“You’ll see soon enough.”

Memphis stopped asking after that reaction. Afraid of what he’d do to her if she voiced her questions again.

Last night after dinner, her uncle hadn’t stayed long enough to lock her in. He’d directed one of the maids to do it. The maid took pity on her when her uncle went into his office to take a phone call. Memphis was able to sit in the kitchen and visit with the staff. After talking for a while Memphis excused herself to go to the restroom. Walking by her uncle’s office she could hear his raised voice, yelling at some unknown person on the phone. Memphis stopped, tiptoed to the office door and quietly pressed her ear to the door. She knew this was the only way that she’d find out what was happening.

“What do you mean you won’t pay more than Five Hundred Thousand?” Charles yelled into the phone. “You agreed on a million dollars to take my niece off my hands.”

Memphis gasped. Now she knew why Uncle Charles had kept her locked behind closed doors. He was trying to sell her. Trying to calm her racing heart she listened closer.

“I have other offers,” he yelled, “I can get top dollar for Memphis. She’s a virgin and an heiress. I gave you first right of refusal because we’ve been business associates for so long.”

Memphis made her way from the office door. Her mind racing, heading up the stairs she started to plan her escape.

Meanwhile, 2700 miles away...

Atticus “Gus” Redtree was confused, again. He’d just been dumped. Again. By someone who he’d thought he could build a life with. He’d given up hope of finding a mate, that was a fairy tale, at least for him. He’d always been the ‘rescue the damsel’ type, he was drawn to women who seemed to need a hand up. Like Lorraine, she’d been the first but not the last. He’d come upon her at the Wolf’s Den, the local watering hole run by one of his best friends and pack mates, Sassy Lynn Smith. Lorraine had had a few too many and was being dragged unwilling, kicking and fighting from the bar by a large, unkempt man that Gus had never seen before. He got up from his normal bar stool and headed towards the door.

“Hey man, what’s going on?” Gus asked.

“Mind your business, prick.” The man had slurred.

“Well, usually I would friend,” Gus said, “But, it doesn’t look like the lady wants to go with you.”

“Fuck off!” The man slurred loudly, “You need to get the hell outta my face.”

“I can’t do that.” Gus said, “But thanks for the advice.”

Reaching forward Gus had removed the drunkard’s hand from around the lady’s wrist. Shocked the guy had taken a swing. It bounced off of Gus’s abs like a fly, irritating but ineffective. With a grin, Gus slugged the man, watching him hit the floor with a thud he turned to the obviously drunk woman and said,

“Are you ok, darlin’”

“I’m, I’m fine,” she said, “Thank you, I didn’t want to go with Daryl. He’s been getting more and more pushy lately.”

“No problem, do you need a ride,” Gus asked, “I can take you to your house or if you don’t live around here to the hotel in town.”

The woman took a moment to think, then said,

“I’m Lorraine, I would love a ride.”