Her Guardian Werewolf(8)

By: Olivia Hill

“No, we don’t.”

“Then why tell me?”

“Because you’re my true mate,” Chase said in a thick voice.

Skye froze. Okay, she didn’t see that coming. She was a wolf’s mate.

Chapter 6

Skye sat back against the couch and sighed. Her brother had sunk low and now someone named Shawn, who was a part of their pack, was using his shirt to track him down. He would fight dirty and she was worried about Shawn. “He’ll fight back.”

Chase chuckled. “Shawn knows what he’s doing, baby.”

She nibbled her lip. “At least warn him, please. I don’t want him getting hurt because my brother is a dick.”

Jesse nodded. “I’ll call him if that will make you feel better.” He left the room, leaving her and Chase alone.

Chase leaned back against the couch. “So you’re really okay with this? Do you want to see my wolf?”

She turned and adjusted comfortably. “I’ve got a lot of questions eventually, and I think I’m good right now. What I do want to know...” She pushed her hair behind her ears and blushed. Leaning forward, she whispered, “… is why I feel so damn turned on?”

Chase’s laugh made her jump and she glared. “Hey, it’s a serious question.”

He nodded. “I know, but it wasn’t the one I was expecting. Out of everything, that’s the one thing on your mind?”

Getting on to her knees she scooted closer. “Yes, I’m a ball of sexual energy, and I need to release it.”

“Yes, it’s normal,” he replied, and gulped when she climbed over him, straddling his lap. She saw his hands ball into a fist and she sighed. Reaching down, she lifted one hand and put it on her hip. He unclenched his fist and gripped her hip bringing the other one to the other side without her help.

“So it’s normal that I want to rip your clothes off and ride you until I pass out from pleasure.” She rubbed against him and moaned when she felt him harden.

“Yes,” he said, and tightened his hold. “It’s exactly how I feel. How I’ve felt since you ran into me.”

“You have good control.”

Jesse walked in and laughed. “Well, I suppose I should get going. I told Shawn about your brother and he sent his thanks for caring about his wellbeing.”

Chase growled. “Okay, now get out.”

“Thank you, Jesse,” Skye said, and then gasped when Chase cupped her ample breasts rubbing his thumb over her nipples, hardening the tips. She groaned and rolled her hips against him.

She wasn’t aware when Jesse left, nor did she care. All that mattered was the man touching her, and how much more she wanted.

“Touch me,” she said, and he massaged her breast. It wasn’t enough; she needed to feel his skin against hers. Reaching down, she pulled her shirt off and threw it on the couch. Chase got the hint and unclasped her bra. She slid it down her arms.

He groaned when she shoved her bare, plump breasts into his hands. “Touch me,” she said, and didn’t recognize her own voice.

He ran his thumb over her nipple and pinched it. She gasped when he did it a second time.

“But your back.”

“I have confidence you can avoid hurting me. I’ll be fine.” She lifted up and then slammed down on his cock. “I want you.”

Chase growled and kissed her hard. He delved right into her mouth and devoured her. His control was breaking; she could feel it in his shaky movements.

The kiss went on until she had to break away to catch her breath. His eyes were dilated and he was hard under her.

“There’s no going back if we do this. The bond is permanent.”

“I don’t care. I want you, and I know you want me. I feel your heart racing. Your body is shaking with a need that matches mine.”

Without a word, Chase stood, lifting her with him and he strode to a set of stairs. He carried her wrapped around his waist. “You have exactly two minutes to change your mind if you’re going to.”

Instead, she buried her face in his neck and sucked his flesh into her mouth. She bit him lightly and then kissed him. He tasted good.

He shoved a door open and set her on her feet. She didn’t need to be told. She stripped the rest of her clothes off and stood before him.

He glanced at her, and without a word he tore his clothes off. She gasped when she saw his body. It was perfect. He was toned, and she trailed her eyes down his sculpted chest. He wasn’t as hairy as she thought, but there was a trail she followed down until she saw his erection. He was large and ready. She walked toward him not feeling the least bit self-conscious. It didn’t really faze her that she stood naked in front of a man. The way he looked at her, like he wanted to worship every inch of her, erased any fears she might have had.