A Cajun in Colorado

By: Charlie Richards
A Cajun in Colorado Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Twelve

Out of the cage: First impressions are rarely accurate when shifters are involved. Christopher Chris Peterson loses the bet. Now, he has to spend an evening at a straight bar dressed in drag. Butdon’t worry, his friends will be there to protect him. Too bad they do a lousy job of it. His knight in shining armor takes the form of a sexy Cajun, Manon Lemelle. Chris immediately finds himself drawn to the handsome man. Too bad Manon thinks Chris is a woman. Still, Chris can’t resist accepting a date with him. His friends are right, and it ends in disaster, because Chris finds himself liking Manon entirely too much.

Manon Lemelle’s maman warned him that his mate would lead him on a merry chase. Nothing could be truer. When he meets his mate, Chris Richardson, he’s introduced to a lovely, slender young woman. He enjoys her wit and charm, her shy attitude, and longs to hear her breathy voice whisper into his ear. There’s just one small problem. Chris is really Christopher, and he’s a man.

Can Manon convince his mate that even though their entire relationship started with lies, on both sides, they can still make this work?

To Megan & Lisa—because being sisters doesn’t always mean you have to be a supportive friend, but you ladies are anyway.

Chapter One


can’t believe you talked me into this!” Chris snarled. His ankle twisted on the uneven asphalt of the parking lot when his concentration strayed from walking in the three inch chunky heels.

Daren grabbed his elbow, helping him regain his balance. His friend grinned hugely. “You lost the bet, man.”

“Besides,” Eric cut in, smirking, “you make a fine looking woman.”

“Fuckers,” Chris hissed, but he kept his voice down since they’d started getting close to the bar entrance. “You all better not leave me!” He so didn’t want to have his ass handed to him if some straight dude figured out he wasn’t a chick.

Chris knew with his lean, svelte figure and long black hair, add in the dress, more make-up than he normally used, and the padded bra, he did look like a woman. Problem was that the jock strap would only go so far to hide an erection if he got excited.

“Come on, Chris,” Remy said, wrapping an arm around his waist. “We won’t leave you alone.” His friend pressed a platonic kiss to his cheek. “It’s not like we could take you to any of our normal hangouts. Someone would recognize you,” he pointed out.

He bit back a groan. Chris hadn’t been to a het bar in years. Daren opened the door for him, as a guy should for a woman, and he followed Eric into the bar. The other two men brought up the rear. His three buddies had done their best to tone down that they were gay, wearing relaxed jeans, t-shirts, and foregoing their usual lip-gloss, eye-liner and hair gel.

He glanced between his friends as they all took a seat on a table and smiled. “You know, none of us would be recognized if we went to one of our usual haunts anyway.”

That garnered a laugh from the other three men. A waitress approached their table, giving them an assessing look as she asked what she could get them. After they all ordered a beer, she nodded and headed away.

Watching her go, Eric cringed. “Man, I would not want to be a waitress in this place,” he muttered.

Chris knew what he meant. At least four men caressed, pinched, or smacked the poor woman’s ass as she made her way to the bar. Daren reached across the table and squeezed Eric’s hand quickly before releasing him. “There will never be a need, babe,” he murmured.

Chris watched the by-play and longing filled him. Eric and Daren had been a couple for over three years now, living together after just three months. Completely devoted to each other, they’d never come out of the honeymoon stage of the relationship. Chris didn’t think they ever would.

“Gag me,” Remy teased.

Daren leaned back in his chairand scowled at Remy. “Jealous much?”

Remy lifted one shoulder. “Maybe,” he admitted. “Not that I’d want either of you, but finding that special guy. Yeah, I’d like that.”

The waitress reappeared then, giving Remy an assessing look while she set the beersdown in front of everyone. “Will that be all for you? Can I get you an appetizer, perhaps?”

“Uh, yeah,” Daren said. He gave the woman a smile. “I heard your hot wings are excellent. How about some of those?”

“Sure thing,” she said with a nod.

“I’ll take some, too,” Eric said.

“Me, three,” piped up Remy.

“I want potato skins, please,” Chris said, catching the woman’s attention.