Author:Kristen Ashley

    I looked to my daughter, my little Ekateirna, baby Kat, and her eyes drifted open and closed then they opened and I knew she probably couldn’t but it looked like she focused on me.

    I reached out, stroked her super soft, chubby cheek and grinned into her clear, pure, Prussian blue eyes that I knew in my heart would stay that way.

    Then her eyes drifted closed.

    I dropped my hand over Knight’s on my thigh. His twisted and curled around mine.

    My eyes drifted to the Range and I sipped my tea, living a life I never expected, living a dream I never even tried to dream, living it now entirely dream free.

    Except, of course, the real ones sitting in the sun, one holding my hand and one sleeping next to me.

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