Wolf on a Mission:Salvation Pack, Book 6(6)

By: N.J. Walters

She hurried around the final bend and her feet skidded to a halt. For one brief second, she was paralyzed, her limbs refusing to work. Then she broke free and started to move toward her son at a slow and steady pace.

Billy must have heard her coming, because he turned to her and smiled. “Doggy.” His joy was evident, but she couldn’t share it. His doggy was huge and was no dog at all. It was a wolf.

A wolf had attacked and almost killed Anny almost two years ago. Was this the same beast? Sue reached down and grabbed a decent-sized rock. She’d played baseball in high school and knew she had a decent aim. At this distance, she couldn’t miss. “Get away from him, Billy. You know better than to touch a strange animal.”

Her son frowned at her. “He likes me.”

As if he understood her fears, the animal whined and licked Billy’s cheek.

Obviously, wherever this animal had come from, he wasn’t vicious. She was lowering her hand when she realized the dog or wolf or whatever it was, wasn’t alone. A man stepped out from behind a tree. No, not a man, a teenage boy. He was tall for his age, at least six feet, maybe more.

He held his hands out in front of him. “We didn’t mean any harm. Reece and I were just out exploring.”

“Reece?” Her fingers tightened around the rock.

He grinned and pointed at the creature sitting next to her son.

“Billy, come here.” She used her mom voice. The one Billy knew meant business. He sighed and reluctantly left the animal and came to stand beside her, dragging his feet all the way.

“Where did you come from?” she asked the teen. He might seem harmless, but she didn’t know him at all, and she knew everyone who lived within a fifty-mile radius of town, because at one time or another, everyone came through the diner where she worked.

He pointed off in the distance. “We’re camping and just decided to go exploring. We didn’t mean any harm.”

Now she was starting to feel a little ridiculous. She lowered the rock but didn’t drop it. “You shouldn’t be out here by yourself.”

The teen grinned. “You sound like our uncle.”

Sue took a good look at the teen. He was a handsome young man with his brown hair and blue eyes. There was something about him she liked, in spite of the fact he was a stranger. “You should listen to your uncle.”

The wolf growled and Sue took a step back.

“Knock it off, Reece,” he told the animal. “I’m Sage Gallagher.”

She wasn’t quite ready to introduce herself. “Is that a wolf?”

Sage nodded. “Yeah, it is, but he won’t hurt you. Honest.”

The hair on the back of her neck rose and a shiver of fear raced down her spine as a man stepped out of the woods. He was big. At least six-two with short brown hair and dark eyes. He also wasn’t wearing a shirt. It was impossible not to notice his broad shoulders, the dusting of dark hair on his chest and the bands of muscles that rippled on his abdomen.

It was also impossible not to notice the scowl on his face.

He pinned her with a ferocious glare. “What the hell is going on?”

Chapter Two

Elias managed to swallow his temper. This was the last thing they needed. If the lady called the law and reported a wolf in the woods, they’d have to pack up and leave. He’d expected better from Reece, but maybe he shouldn’t have. The boy had been pushing the boundaries Elias had set lately.

Problem was, Elias understood. Making that first transition to wolf form changed everything. It was natural to want to shift often and test the limits of your wolf. Reece was only being a normal teenage werewolf. Problem was, they weren’t on safe turf. There was no pack land for them to run wild on.

He ignored his nephews and focused on the woman in front of him. She was around average height, but that was the only thing average about her. Her shoulder-length blond hair sparkled in the evening sunlight, framing a very expressive face. Her eyes were light blue, her skin smooth and her lips full. Right now, those lips were pulled into a tight line.

He could smell her fear. It burned his nostrils and made his wolf growl with displeasure. Neither of them liked it. A small boy peeked around her. He had the same features as the woman, the same light hair and blue eyes.

Her son. She was married.

Something dark and dangerous welled up inside him. She had a mate, a husband. She was fully human and he shouldn’t want her.

His wolf chuffed in protest, but he ignored the creature. He had bigger worries than finding the woman in front of him attractive and alluring.

He turned toward Sage, but the woman moved, putting herself in front of Sage. She kept her son behind her as well. She was protecting his nephew. From him.