Wolf on a Mission:Salvation Pack, Book 6(2)

By: N.J. Walters

“Half-breed,” the boy all but spat.

Elias shot him a sharp glare. “More accurately, you’re three-quarters.”

“Then why can Reece shift and I can’t?”

And that was the problem in a nutshell. “I don’t know, Sage. Your father was a full-blooded werewolf and your mom was a half-breed. You two are miracles. Your parents always thought of you that way, and so do I.”

He wished he could erase the pain in their eyes but there was nothing he could do to bring back their parents. If there were, he’d do it in a heartbeat.

Instead, he was doing the next best thing.

“It’s not safe for werewolves alone in the world, especially not—” He broke off before he finished not quite knowing how to phrase it so he wouldn’t hurt his nephew.

But Sage finished his sentence for him. “Especially not half-breeds. Or three-quarter breeds, or whatever we are. We’re not full-blooded werewolves, and that’s what matters.”

“Only to some people,” Elias told him.

“Like almost every other pack in the country.” Reece only shrugged when Elias looked at him. “I heard Mom and Dad talking.”

Elias dragged his hand through his hair and wished he knew what to say to make things better. He opted for honesty. “Most packs don’t accept half-breeds. In fact, they tend to kill them. Your mom knew that, which is why she was living alone.”

“Until Dad found her,” Sage added.

Elias smiled. “Yeah, Everett was done for the moment he laid eyes on your mom.”

“He didn’t care she was a half-breed?” Reece asked.

They knew the story of their parents’ courtship, but Elias knew they needed to hear it again. “He was head over heels in love with her. He knew what she was the moment he first saw her in Anchorage. It’s why he packed up, moved and cut off all contact with our former pack. He knew they wouldn’t accept her, but he loved her enough to leave them behind, to protect her.” And Elias had packed and gone with his older brother, ready to protect the happiness Everett had found with Marcie.

He grinned. “You two were a bonus.” That got a smile from both of them. “Look, I don’t know if this place is the answer. All I know is that your mom heard rumors of a pack that consisted of full-blooded werewolves and half-breeds. Maybe they know more about why one of you can shift and the other can’t. Maybe we can make a home there.”

“Do you honestly think they’ll accept us?” Sage asked.

Elias knew his nephew was really asking if they could accept him—a partial werewolf who couldn’t shift.

“I don’t know. All we can do is scout them out and see what happens.”

“We won’t stay if they won’t accept Sage,” Reece declared. Then he looked to Elias for confirmation.

He’d expected nothing less from Reece. He and Sage were twins, and in spite of the newly discovered difference, they were as tight as two brothers could be. Reece didn’t care that Sage couldn’t shift and he could. Elias knew he’d always protect his brother. Reece was the oldest by three minutes and took the role as eldest seriously.

“No, we won’t stay if they don’t accept Sage. We’re in this together. The three of us.”

“The Gallagher Pack,” Reece joked.

Elias looked into Sage’s eyes and saw the deep yearning, the need to be accepted. “We are the Gallagher Pack,” he told his nephews. “Nothing will ever change that.”

Sage nodded and went back to his handheld game and Reece put his headphones back on. Elias turned around, put the vehicle in gear and resumed driving. From his calculations, they were less than two hours from the town of Salvation.

Chapter One

Sue Walsh clutched her phone so hard her fingers hurt. “He wants what?” She lowered her voice, but there was no slowing the pounding of her heart. Had she heard her lawyer correctly? “He wants custody of Billy? After all these years?”

Billy was her son and the love of her life. She’d been his only parent for the past five years, since the moment he was born. Her ex had walked out when Billy was only six weeks old and hadn’t looked back.

“I know this is hard,” Randolph Owens told her.

“It’s not happening,” she vowed. She glanced at the corner booth in the diner to assure herself her son was still there. He was swinging his feet, his blond head lowered while he studiously colored in the new coloring book she’d bought for him.

She took a deep breath and exhaled. “What does William want?” And why now, when she was finally getting her life back together?