What Are Friends For?(5)

By: Lynn Lafleur

“I’m married, not blind. Luke is a major hunk, plus he’s considerate and charming and funny. I’ll bet if you asked him for help, he’d take you to bed in a heartbeat.”

“Zoe, that’s crazy! Luke isn’t the least bit interested in me.”

As soon as those words left her mouth, she remembered her conversation with Luke this morning when she’d asked him if he’d ever thought of her sexually. He hadn’t actually said yes, but had gone on to tell her she was beautiful with a killer body. She still didn’t know if he’d ever thought about having sex with her.

Not that it mattered. She never thought of having sex with Luke.

Okay, maybe she’d fantasized a bit about him. Maybe she’d admired those broad shoulders, that wide chest with the sprinkling of dark hair, his luscious mane of dark brown hair that curled around his ears and over his neck. And his eyes. A mesmerizing blue, surrounded by thick brown lashes. She had to use a lot of mascara to get her eyelashes to look that thick. Well-shaped lips, a flat stomach, and oodles of muscles from moving around those heavy HVAC units completed the package.

She didn’t want to think about what hung between his thighs. From the way he filled out a pair of jeans, or those denim shorts this morning, Luke didn’t lack in the cock department.

“Are you interested in him?” Zoe asked.

“No, of course not. I told you, Luke and I are friends. That’s all.”

“I’ll bet it could be more, if you gave it a chance. You should seduce him the next time y’all are together.”

“I’m going to his house after work to swim and for supper.”

“There you go!” Zoe said with a pleased smile. “Typical hot summer day in Texas plus skimpy bikini equals the perfect opportunity for seduction.”

“I don’t wear a bikini. I wear a one-piece.”

Zoe shook her head. “Girl, you are missing out on some wonderful opportunities. You should go shopping as soon as you leave here and buy the skimpiest bikini you can find. Preferable with a thong bottom. You have a great ass. Show it off.”

Erin wore thong underwear, but had never considered a thong swimsuit. She usually swam with Luke at his house. That’s why she’d bought a one-piece. It was cut low in front and high on her thighs, but was still a one-piece.

The bell over the door tore her thoughts away from Luke. The Jeffersons entered, full of apologies for being late. Erin stood and strode toward them in welcome. Time to forget Zoe’s suggestion and get back to work.

* * * * *

Erin couldn’t believe she stood in the active wear section of her favorite department store, looking at swimsuits. It was ridiculous for her to be here. She wasn’t going to buy a bikini, much less one with a thong bottom. Her one-piece worked perfectly for swimming at Luke’s. He’d think she was coming on to him if she wore something skimpy.

Maybe that wouldn’t be a bad idea.

If any man could help her understand her problem, it would be Luke. First, they were best friends and completely honest with each other. Second, he dated a lot. He never gave her specifics, but she suspected a big percentage of his dates ended up in bed. She couldn’t imagine why a woman wouldn’t want to have sex with him. Like Zoe said, he was the perfect example of prime male flesh. Especially when he walked around in those denim cutoffs that showed off his strong legs, cupped his ass, and emphasized the bulge at his crotch.

A delicious tingling in her clit made Erin push thoughts of Luke’s ass and bulge from her mind. Getting turned on in the middle of the store would not be a good idea.

Erin sighed. Coming here had been foolish. She took two steps away from the round of swimsuits before she looked up. She stopped. Another round occupied the space to her right. A headless, legless mannequin sat on the space atop the round, wearing the most gorgeous green bikini Erin had ever seen. A cross between emerald and jade, it had strands of gold woven through the material that made it shimmer in the light. If it looked this good beneath harsh fluorescents, Erin knew it would be magnificent in the sunlight.

She had to have it.

She walked to the other side of the mannequin and cringed when she saw the back of the bikini. Thong bottom, exactly what she didn’t want. She couldn’t wear such a skimpy suit in front of Luke.

Why not? a tiny voice in her head asked.

Erin hesitated for several moments before she decided to go for it. All the sizes were mixed together, so it took her a few seconds to find hers. Grabbing it off the rack, she hurried to the dressing room to try it on.

It fit perfectly. With only two tiny scraps of fabric for her breasts and one for her mound, there wasn’t much there to worry about the fit. The top covered the center of her breasts, but left a lot still exposed. She turned to check out her back in the mirror. The thong left no part of her ass to the imagination. If she wore this suit in front of Luke, she’d be next to naked.

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