Healing Hearts 1: Warrior Angel(9)

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

“I got busy with the new job and working so many hours. I want to get back into it, but I’m not interested in beginners’ classes.”

“Selasi does a private session with three guys from Devin’s division with the state police,” Mike said to her.

“How is Devin?”

“He’s here tonight. You haven’t seen him?”

“No.” She looked around them.

“Last I saw him he had a few women fussing over his bruises,” Zayn said, and took another slug from his bottle of Bud Lite.

“Bruises?” Kai asked with concern.

“He’s okay. Just got into a little scuffle with some guys who were trying to stop him from serving a warrant,” Mike told her.

She wasn’t surprised but she did feel a bit upset. She feared for these guys. For the men and women in the service of law enforcement and the danger they were in on a regular basis. Another reason why she would never and could never see herself involved with a cop or a soldier ever again.

“Kai!” She heard her name and looked past the guys and saw Ghost standing there. He was six feet tall, older Marine with gray crewcut hair and muscles galore. He worked out and trained all the time, and boy did he have a personality on him.

“Excuse me please,” she said, and walked toward Ghost who pulled her into his arms and then started walking her away. She glanced over her shoulder and saw Zayn and Selasi watching her. She quickly looked back. She really needed to stay clear of them. The whole attraction thing surprised her.

“I heard you got a nice donation last night to the soldiers’ retreat,” he said to her.

“How did you hear about that?”

“Sweetie, I have backed your ideas since the first night we met here more than a year ago. What you have accomplished is simply amazing.”

“Not on my own though, Ghost. With supporters like you, your buddies and families who truly need the help, and Canton, of course.”

“So, how do you know Zayn and Selasi?” he asked.

“I just met them.”

“Oh, they’re good men. Retired soldiers, Special Forces actually.” Her heart pounded inside of her chest. “They don’t come here too often,” he said and stared at her.


He squinted.

“What?” she repeated, but then he placed his hand on her shoulder and turned her toward the other end of the bar.

“There’s someone I would like you to meet.”

* * * *

“Gorgeous, isn’t she?” Mike said to Zayn and Selasi.

Zayn was watching Kai walk farther away from them and toward the other end of the bar. He glanced at Selasi. “Who?”

“You know damn straight who. Kai. Isn’t she fucking hot? I’m a pretty good-looking guy, and I don’t have any problems getting women, but holy shit, even I’m intimidated around her.”

“Intimidated?” Selasi asked.

“You know what I mean,” Mike said, and then stepped closer and looked around them. “The woman has guys asking her out all the time. She says no. I’ve known her for years, and yeah, been away more often than not, but she doesn’t accept any dates.”

“Why is that?” Zayn asked.

“Well, she dated a guy through high school and college. He was a Marine.”

Zayn squinted. “He broke her heart or something?”

“Came back all fucked up. I never got all the details, but he died. Killed himself and she was never the same. Moved out here a couple of years ago, and I swear the woman is on a mission to save every soldier or cop with PTSD.” He took a slug of beer.

“Damn, I hate hearing about that shit. Especially when things were bad for Thermo for a while,” Selasi said to them.

“How is he doing? Seems a lot better as far as when myself or the guys ask for his help on a mission, but I mean he isn’t right here with the guys. He’s in a corner.”

“He’s here though, and not at home alone. He just doesn’t like socializing,” Zayn said.

“Women throw themselves at him with all those tats and that beard and dark look in his eyes. The man could be working that shit,” Mike said and chuckled.

“No. It would take something major for him to even take notice,” Selasi said.

“Well, I know the team and I are glad you guys moved back here after retiring, and Devin is definitely happy, Zayn.” Mike chuckled.

“He tells me all the time. His job is pretty damn dangerous.”

“It takes a special kind of cop, but Devin is a natural.”

* * * *

“I would like you to meet my good friend Clover. He’s been helping to organize the fundraiser this evening and doing a great job, I might add,” Ghost said.