Healing Hearts 1: Warrior Angel(7)

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

“Mike.” She laughed and held onto him as he lowered her feet to the floor, but kept his strong, muscular arm around her waist and pulled her toward the bar and the guys there.

“Everyone, meet Kai Devaro,” he said and squeezed her against him. The guy she locked gazes with slid off the bar stool to stand up, and holy God was he tall. She tilted her head back and he reached out his hand while stepping closer.

“Zayn Stelling,” he said, and she shook his hand as Mike released her. She heard Mike chuckle.

“Stelling? Wait, you’re related to Mike and Afina?” she asked.

“Cousin,” Mike said, and Kai pulled back and looked behind her to see Amelia standing there with Afina, and both were smirking. Had they noticed her reaction to the good-looking guy? Great, now they would be pushing her to talk to him. That nervous, uncomfortable feeling started to simmer.

“This is Amelia.” Kai introduced her and she stepped back, and Amelia shook Zayn’s hand hello. Zayn was very attractive. Like model in a military calendar attractive with his crew cut hair, the front spiked up and a very trimmed, short beard, and big dark eyes. Like Liam Hemsworth, but older, more seasoned. He was muscular and at least six-feet-four if she had to guess. He was complete intimidation and she couldn’t believe how her body felt. She was annoyed with herself as guilt hit her insides, until Afina was pulling her closer to the bar and near him and Mike plus a few other guys gathered closer.

She was listening to them talk about some case their other cousin Devin had and that apparently Zayn helped out with.

“So you are in law enforcement, too?” she asked, and then took a sip from the glass of rum and soda Mike had gotten for her.

“Sort of. I’m a trainer for investigative procedures and handling the physical aspect of issuing search warrants in arrests.”

“He’s bad ass, Kai. Don’t let him fool you and act all modest. His techniques save lives,” Mike said, and Zayn looked away, his expression seemingly embarrassed at the compliment.

“Well, that’s a good thing then. The job is dangerous so any good training that can help protect those serving in the department is a positive, right,” she said, and Mike agreed.

Zayn looked back at her. “What about you? What do you do?”

“The Warrior Angel, what doesn’t she do?” Mike said, and winked at her as he gave her shoulder a squeeze. He was partially standing behind her seat and next to the bar.

“Mike,” she reprimanded.

“Modest, too. She runs Guardians Hope. Well, actually, she created it, got the funding for it, and is now chief operating officer for it, isn’t that your title, Kai?” Mike asked.

“Wait, that’s the organization that helps soldiers and first responders, right? Every department talks so highly of that charity,” Zayn said.

“Well, Kai started it all. In fact, I do believe that the fundraising we have going on here tonight is donating part of the money raised to help with one of the shelter programs you started.”

She turned to look at Mike. “Seriously? Where did you hear that?”

“Ghost told me. Wait until he sees that you’re here.”

She looked around for him. “It’s been months since I saw him. Where is he I wonder?”

A few other guys came over to talk to Mike and she got up off her seat when one of them was slapping another guy hello on his back and he bumped into her. She felt the hands go to her hips and she gasped, and placed her hands on Zayn’s chest and stared up at him.

“Here, have a seat, and I’ll stand so no one can bump into you again,” he said, and stood up.

Holy God she needed to get away from him. She was not expecting a reaction, an attraction to a man, and here she was staring at Zayn.

“Who do we have here?” She heard another male voice, then felt a hand on her hip. She turned and had to look up like she did with Zayn. Her eyes landed on another really tall man, almost exact height as Zayn, and the deepest blue eyes she had ever seen. He widened his eyes, and then squinted at her as if he felt something by looking and also touching her. She gulped, realizing his hand was huge against her hip, and warm, too. He had dirty blond hair, was clean-shaven, and those dark eyes roamed over her body. The crowd of guys next to them grew bigger, louder with laughter, making it too hard for her to hear what Zayn just said to her, and the second guy pressed closer and she was now sandwiched between them. Holy God she felt overheated, aroused and no way protected.

“Damn it’s crowded.”

“Kai, meet my brother, Selasi,” Zayn said, and she almost blurted out an ‘oh shit’, but instead she smiled, pressed Selasi’s hand off her hip, and then put some space between the two men and her.