Healing Hearts 1: Warrior Angel(5)

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

Tears stung her eyes, three years later and almost as deeply, definitely still traumatized by the crime scene, the police investigation, the sorrowful expressions, and the mourning process of losing the only man she ever loved, and was forever asking why?

She stood up, pushed aside her emotions, the sadness, the loneliness, the fears she lived with mostly at night when she was alone, and she refocused on the next task, the next responsibility, and how she needed to talk to Amelia about tomorrow night.

“Hi, Kai, are you heading out early to get ready for the meeting?” Mel asked.

“I wasn’t planning on it, but I think I will. I need you to do me a favor and schedule this case for Lawrence and Olivia. I think they can definitely help this client out,” she said, and handed over the file to Mel.

“I will take care of it. Enjoy tonight, and the weekend,” Mel said, and winked then walked back to her desk.

That was one thing that Kai had become good at. Hiding her emotions, putting up a fake smile and getting through life alone. By Monday everyone would be talking about their weekend and what fun things they did, and Kai would avoid it all. She made sure to schedule out of the office appointments Monday, and so far it worked.

She looked around, then grabbed her bag and her cell phone. All her work was done. In fact, she was so far ahead of her responsibilities that she didn’t have to come to work tomorrow. What would she do though? She could get together with Afina before Corporal’s. She could go for a longer run, or maybe check out the classes at that dojo? She had the schedule. Casey’s boyfriend worked the front desk there and could get her in for free try. She glanced out toward the main office, and saw Casey smiling and talking on her cell phone while also typing on the computer. That woman could multitask and then some. She debated about asking her and then thought better of it.

Her plan to leave New Jersey and take on this role here closer to her best friend Afina had been a difficult one, but a necessary one. She was drowning in her own sorrows and loss. First of her brother, gunned down by some anti cop mental case, and then the loss of Edison. She gulped. If there had been help, better services available, he wouldn’t have become a statistic.

“Hey, you getting ready for the banquet?” Amelia asked her, coming from the hallway.

“Yes. I have to leave in a few minutes. Listen, I just got off the phone with Afina. She wants us to meet her at Corporal’s tomorrow night to celebrate and to hang out. You up for it?”

“Uhm.” Amelia looked around her and then exhaled. She didn’t like hanging out much either. Especially after breaking up with her boyfriend, Cavanaugh. Amelia made a few comments here and there about him being a jerk, very controlling and abusive, that was why she broke things off, but Kai hadn’t asked her any questions. She didn’t want to push for information and so Amelia didn’t push Kai for information from her. She was fine with that.

“We can go together and we don’t have to stay long,” Kai said to her.

“I can meet you there, you know in case you’re having a good time and I’m not and want to leave.”

“The likelihood is slim. I haven’t gone out much since moving here.”

“Well, you’ve been working here and this new position and expanding the services. It’s a good idea to celebrate your hard work.”

“Our hard work, Amelia. You’ve been by my side almost since day one.”

“Don’t remind me about Beth. She was such an idiot, and so pissed she got fired.”

“Well she wasn’t doing what she was supposed to and clients suffered. That’s unacceptable. We’re all they have as advocates.”

“Yes we are. So what time tomorrow night?”

“I guess like eight.”

“Okay. I’ll meet you in the parking lot.”

Chapter Three

“What’s that look for?” Zayn asked Selasi as he walked into the kitchen and set his duffle bag down on the chair.

“I thought you were getting in last night,” Selasi asked.

“Got caught up in a case with Turner’s cousins. Had to issue these warrants when a call came on about that guy Banks they were looking for since last May.”

“Was it crazy?” Selasi asked.

“Eh. Could have been a situation.”

“Everyone okay?” Thermo asked, walking into the kitchen and looking pissed off as usual. He didn’t think his brother even knew how to smile.

“Everyone is fine. I know the team has had some close calls lately, but as long as everyone does their jobs then no problems,” Zayn said to them.

“Easier said than done. Was Devin involved, too?” Selasi asked about their cousin. He worked undercover in narcotics and warrants, too.