Healing Hearts 1: Warrior Angel(10)

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

Kai smiled and reached her hand out for him to shake. He was an attractive older man with gray hair and was tall and bulky like Ghost.

“The Warrior Angel? In the flesh?” Clover asked.

She chuckled and then glanced at Ghost. “Who exactly started that whole Warrior Angel thing anyway?” She winked.

“Obviously you are well loved and appreciated,” Ghost told her.

She noticed some really big, scary looking guy sitting on a stool at the corner of the bar. He had a red sleeveless flannel shirt and huge muscles. His hair was long and slicked back looking like a reddish-brown and he was sporting a thick beard. His arms were covered in tattoos. When she looked at his face and those deadly looking eyes, her heart felt like it stopped beating. She knew that look. That was the look of a man who had seen horrible things. The eyes of a killer.

She quickly lowered her eyes but then Clover was pulling her toward the man.

“Thermo, I’d like for you to meet Kai. She’s the one I told you about. The one who helped Felix. Kai, meet Thermo Stelling.”

When he stood up from the stool, he looked her over and she swore she felt his eyes touch her body. The man was huge, way over six feet tall, and she was shaking as he reached his hand out to shake hers. When their fingers touched, she practically gasped. What the hell was wrong with her tonight? Three good looking guys in a row she never met before shake her hand hello and she feels so much so soon. She pulled back and looked at Clover, then back at Thermo. Did he say Stelling?

“Stelling? Wait are you related to Selasi and Zayn?” she asked him, and he squinted at her.

“You know my brothers?” he asked, and again looked her over from head to toe, and holy shit she felt aroused.

Her cheeks warmed and then she heard Clover say something to someone behind him, leaving her talking to Thermo all by herself. “I just met them a few minutes ago. I’m good friends with Afina and Mike.”

“Really? I never saw you around before.”

“I don’t really come out too much. I work a lot.”

“Hmm,” he said in a mumble, with those deadly eyes of his.

She squinted at him. “So, you know Felix?” She wondered why she was even trying to keep a conversation with the man when he seemed like he didn’t like talking, and honestly looked mean.

“Known him for years. We were in boot camp together.”

“So you’re in the military?” Kai got that instant sensation like an alert that it didn’t matter she felt attracted to the man, he was military and she was staying clear from military and law enforcement. Maybe silly, but it kept her in a place where she wouldn’t have to face her fears or the sadness of losing Edison.

“I’m retired now. As of two years ago,” he said to her.

“What do you do now to keep busy?”

He just stared at her. She felt completely uncomfortable. Was he staring at her wondering why she was still here talking to him, or was he staring at her because he was checking her out? Did she care?

“I mean, you don’t have to be doing anything, but I understand from talking to a lot of soldiers that it’s hard for them not to keep busy and active in something. Just figured I would ask.”

“I do a lot of different things.”

Man, it was like pulling teeth. Why was she still standing there?

“What about you? Clover and Ghost mentioned a young woman who had gotten multiple programs together to help soldiers and first responders. Do you come from a family of them?”

“My brother was a State Trooper back in New Jersey.”

“Oh, a Jersey girl, huh? How come no accent?” he asked.

She smirked. Was he being funny? So odd. The man definitely didn’t look like he had a sense of humor. He was serious and hard-core. Definitely. “I guess I lost it over the years being down south. Maybe I have a little bit of a weird accent now. You know a combination of New Jersey and Southern drawl?” she said, and then licked her lower lip.

“You have a nice tone of voice. Soft and quiet. I can barely hear you.”

Just then some guys pressed in behind her to order drinks at the bar. She looked over her shoulder.

“Kai? Hey, what are you doing here?” one of the guys asked.

She knew him form the hospital. He worked with some of the amputees with rehabilitation. He hugged her hello and then he looked at Thermo who stepped back, as if he didn’t want to be introduced.

“I’m here with friends.”

“Let me buy you a drink,” he said.

“That’s okay. I have one.” He looked disappointed. “Maybe later.”

“Okay, I’ll hold you to that.” He winked and then she turned back toward Thermo, but now Zayn was there.