Waiting for Prince Harry

By: Aven Ellis


First and foremost, I’d like to thank publisher Debby Gilbert for taking another chance on an author with a quirky style. I’m endlessly grateful to you for your belief in me and my stories.

Thank you to my family, John and Avery, for giving me time to write every weekend. And to my sister, Trish, for being my one-person marketing and promotion team.

Thank you to my critique partners, Valerie and Lynn, for their support and feedback on all things writing and beyond. Thank you to fellow author Holly Martin, for cheering me up when the chips were down. I wouldn’t be here without the three of you.

I also wouldn’t be where I am without the support of these amazing friends: Sarah, Barbara, Diane, Ashlea, Kelly, Beth, Denisse, Cindy, Cathy, Veronica, Claudia, Ellie, Amanda, Gemma, Tanya, Valerie, Elizabeth, Liz, and Valentina. Thank you for reading and for your constant encouragement.

Alexandra: Thank you for your continued hand-holding, proofreading, support, and love. Hopefully you have a good vacation lined up before we start work on Avery & Deacon, ha ha.

Thank you to these reviewers and bloggers in the USA for their continued support and friendship: Dawn, Gretchen, Caren, Nancy, Jillian and Carol. Y’all are amazing and I’m so happy we all met.

I need to thank some beautiful people across the pond that have been so generous with their time, their wonderful reviews, their continued support of my work, and their friendship: Simona, Victoria, Kelly R, Laura L, Laura D, Kirsty, Heidi, Megan, Derna, Emma P, Agi, Becca, Erin, Emma H, Whairigail, Ananda, Maryline, Alba, Isabell, and Shaz. You are all such fantastic people, and I’m so very blessed to know you.

I also need to thank the Girls With Books for helping me make Waiting For Prince Harry the book it is today (and for their support and friendship.) Wendy, Chelsea, Tonya, Danielle, Jessica, Trish and CeCe. You all are incredible women, and it’s easy to see why you all are friends. Thank you for everything.

Finally, thank you Mark, because Harrison Flynn would not exist without you.

Chapter 1

The Pop Quiz Question: You are at a crowded bar. The odds of finding your soul mate are:

A) I am open to the idea of meeting Mr. Right anywhere.

B) Probably not good, but a possibility.

C) I might as well be waiting for Prince Harry to come rescue me.

I immediately click on “C” as my answer on my iPhone. I am taking a quiz on how to find your soul mate, and, really, this question is easy. First, you never meet anyone of quality in a bar. The guys are usually hammered or looking for a score . . . or both. So that rules out “A”. Being that I feel that way, “B” is not even an option.

So “C” it is. I smile to myself. Besides, Prince Harry is gorgeous. I’ve always had a thing for ginger-haired men, and God, he is hot. An Apache helicopter pilot? A royal? Does charity work for children? Plays polo? That is a quadruple of hotness right there.

All Harry needs is his own Kate Middleton. Someone beautiful and practical and grounding to keep him on the steady.

I pause for a second. I have long, straight-brown hair like Kate. I’m only 24—good age match, yes? Okay, so he likes blondes but the right girl could change that. And living in Dallas might hinder my plan but I would soooo be open to relocation to London if required—

“Kylie Bridget Reed, you’re not going to sit at your own brother’s wedding reception and spend the evening hiding out with your phone, are you?”

I jerk my head up. My mother is standing over me, an annoyed expression on her face.

I feel guilt sweep over me. I flip my phone face down and look up at her. “Mom, I just needed a moment of quiet, that’s all.”

My mother sighs heavily. “Please go out there and socialize. It’s a wedding reception. You need to have some fun.”

I bite down on my lower lip. My eyes scan the ballroom at the Ritz Carlton in Dallas, all awash in pink roses, white orchids, and crystal. No detail was left untouched—as my brother, Brandon, a lawyer, wed society girl Candace in a posh Dallas wedding. The room is backlit in soft pink light; a live band is playing; hundreds of people are enjoying lavish buffets of expensive food. There’s lobster and caviar. A crazy huge cake with seven different layers. Ice sculptures of swans. A gourmet candy station for guests to fill bags to take home.

In all, it is a ridiculous amount of excess, in my opinion.

I see Brandon and his friends at the bar, drinking. I spot Candace, in her modern Reem Acra dress, her platinum blonde hair artfully styled, her spray tan perfect. She is dancing with bridesmaids who look exactly like her, all sorority sisters from SMU.

I couldn’t be more out of place if I tried.