Viper (Scoundrels MC #1)(8)

By: Moira Callahan

Turning her head slightly, Krista took a peek at the men walking their way. Those closest had stopped and wore shocked expressions that quickly morphed into anger. The others following behind were soon told something was up, and pretty quickly everyone but the man holding her had the same murderous expressions. There would be hell to pay and those that had dared to hurt their president would pay in blood.

Chapter Four

His cut back where it should be thanks to a smart prospect, Viper kept an eye on Krista where she sat huddled under a blanket a sheriff’s deputy had given her. He hadn’t strayed more than a dozen feet from her since the club had arrived. Krista was holding on, but how long would that last? She’d seen the bedroom and bathroom. He was impressed she hadn’t broken down yet, but he knew it was coming. Once the shock wore off, there’d be no stopping the flood.

Dragging his attention back to the sheriff, he nodded at the question James had asked. “That’s right, did the sweep and found the bathroom. Once I saw that, I got us both out and called you.”

“Not before calling the club, I noticed,” James said. The guy understood, but was off on the timing a little.

“Nah, I called them when we got here and I saw the place still lit up. My gut said something was off, but I didn’t know what to expect. Besides, you know our rules, Copper. Club business gets handled by the club. This may still be club business, but it’s gotten bigger, and we don’t have your resources to find out who was hurt and who may have done this.”

James rocked back on his heels and scrubbed a hand over his nape. “You do realize that if we find anything, it will be under our jurisdiction to find the perpetrators, right?”

“Doesn’t mean the club can’t help out, Sheriff. And if we happen to get there first, so be it. If you do, then I hope like hell you have enough evidence to get the fuckers sent to prison.”

“Fuckers. Plural. Why do you say that?”

Viper shot him a look and snorted derisively. “You know Duke. While he might be getting older, the man is still a fucking bear in the gym. No way could one person take him down. And even if they had Nadine at gunpoint, there’s no way his old lady would stand idly by. She’s a fucking wildcat even on her best behavior.”

That got a quick smile from the sheriff. “Don’t I know it. Geez,” he muttered. Running a hand through his hair, something he’d obviously done more than a few times already, James turned to look at Krista. “I sent some guys out to where her Jeep was taken off the road. We found the spikes used, footprints, and tire treads. Hopefully they give us a lead.”


“No, looks like trucks from the tire size and wheelbase measurements. We may get lucky. Deputy Lloyd says the tires seem wider than the norm so they might well be custom.”

Viper thought about that. There were only a couple places in Crystal Creek for auto work, and only two for custom parts or jobs. One was MC owned, and the other a local guy who did work on older vehicles. Restoration mainly, but he would work on newer models occasionally. “Once you know let Kip know, he can hit up the records at the shops to see if the guy came through either place. If he didn’t come through us, that means he went through Harold, or bought from the city.” Kip was their treasurer and knew the books for the businesses best. He was the one who would be able to find the info fastest if it was there to be found.

Movement from the side had his attention zeroing in on Krista. A deputy was handing her a steaming cup. The small, weak smile Krista offered had his gut kicking. “I’m going to take Krista to the club to be safe. Bones and I talked. We’re going into lockdown for now until we know what the fuck this was all about.” He gave a nod toward Duke’s house to clarify what ‘this’ was.

“Good plan. I’ll touch base with you tomorrow there, or sooner if we come up with anything. I doubt it, though. This is going to take us a while to get through.”

“Remember, they had dinner here tonight so several members were here, including Krista.” The sheriff had all their prints on file. They weren’t exactly well-behaved lads and had had their share of run-ins with the law. Both local and state.

“We’ll discount everyone here tonight. Any ideas who was here to help us narrow it down faster?”

“I wasn’t here. Ask Bones to give you a list since he was over here.”

After the sheriff left, Viper walked over to Krista and sat down next to her on the stone bench surrounded by roses. Stretching his arm along the back, he wasn’t surprised when she wiggled in closer to him. He moved his arm to drape around her shoulders after a second’s hesitation and dropped his cheek to her hair. In the dark, even with all the emergency vehicles’ lights strobing over the area, most wouldn’t notice what they were doing.