Viper (Scoundrels MC #1)(6)

By: Moira Callahan

He shot Krista a look over his shoulder. “I need you to stay here. It could be nothing, but given your trouble tonight, my instincts say it’s damn well something.”

“I’m coming with you.”


“No, I am coming with you. I’m safer with you than sitting here in the dark on a deserted road surrounded by trees where anyone could be hiding, Viper.”

Fucking female had a valid point. And he didn’t know if the guys who had disabled her Jeep were here, or if they had friends here. Hell, he didn’t know if anyone was there. Grunting, he waved her off the bike and then wheeled it to the side. He took the helmet from her and left it sitting on the fuel tank.

He caught her chin and made her look up at him. “You do what I say, when I say, and stay right fucking behind me. Clear?”

“I will be glued to your back.”

Viper had to stifle a groan, and then felt the urge to slap himself. He and Krista did not like each other; he should not be thinking about her being glued to him. He’d damn well gotten over his infatuation years ago. Shaking his head, he pulled out his gun and headed toward the house. Her small hand landed on his shirt and her fingers wrapped into the fabric. Which did not help his current situation. Damn it, this is not the time to have to lecture my fucking libido!

Chapter Three

Krista kept a tight hold on Viper’s shirt. She had to bite her lip to keep from panting in sheer terror. While she knew the club was into some shady business, never once had her father or any member ever let it touch her life. Tonight might well have nothing to do with the MC, but if it didn’t, she had no idea what was going on.

Quite frankly, she was stunned that Viper had even picked up his phone. She’d only had his number in her phone because it came standard in all her burners. He was the club’s sergeant at arms, after all. Being a member that sat at the table meant he was a go-to guy. Tonight had been the first time she’d called him in nearly eight years. The last time had been—no! She couldn’t start down that memory path. It would do her no good, and the timing seriously sucked.

She knew why Viper was being cautious. First her “accident”, and now her parents’ place was lit up like it was during dinner but shouldn’t by at that hour. Dinner had ended over an hour ago; no way would her father have left all the lights burning. The man had a specific routine and never deviated. She should know; she’d lived in the house for nineteen years and learned her father’s routines well.

Viper eased through the front door and swept the path with his gun held firmly in hand. Krista could not believe how hot it was to see him like this. He’d always pushed her buttons, but she’d sadly never done the same for him. He’d adamantly told her that and it was why she avoided him whenever she could. When she couldn’t, she was always polite but brusque. She couldn’t help it. She’d thought back then that he was a friend and that maybe one day in the future he could be more.

Silly girlhood dreams that were crushed under his boot heel with no care for her. Looking back, she knew she’d pushed at the boundaries he’d clearly laid out. But she’d thought she was different. Oh, how wrong she’d been.

When Viper stopped she felt the tension in his body. She wanted to ask what he saw but knew better than to open her mouth. Krista fought down more panic and focused hard on her breathing while Viper swept his gun around. When they started to move forward again, she was tempted to release a relieved breath but knew not to. They were only through a couple rooms with several more to go.

One by one, they cleared the rooms and moved on. Only when they got to the hall leading to the bedrooms in the wing nearest the pond did Viper stop again. “Stay here,” he mouthed.

Krista firmly shook her head. No way in hell was she staying out in the hall. While Viper scared her on some visceral level, likely because she knew he could be dangerous if the situation called for it, she felt safer latched onto him right then than she would standing alone to wonder about the absolute worst-case scenarios. God help her if the house let out a creak or something like that. She’d probably go out through a wall like a cartoon character.

His expression changed to annoyance before smoothing back out. All in a single breath. It was rare to catch anything on his face other than his normal laid-back calm. Not a first for Krista, as she seemed to push his buttons. She’d ruffled his feathers over the years in several attempts, most on purpose, to get a visible emotional reaction from him. Even her mother, who Viper got into regular arguments with, didn’t elicit such a reaction.