Viper (Scoundrels MC #1)(2)

By: Moira Callahan

What James couldn’t quite figure out was how Porter had survived the four years, two months, and sixteen days he’d served. MCs didn’t take kindly to folks offing a member, let alone in such a public manner with other innocent bodies hitting the ground. It had sent shockwaves through Crystal Creek that were still felt to this day.

The town knew that the MC dealt in some shady businesses. Since it had never previously caused problems in their town, residents let bygones be bygones and turned a blind eye. Then the shooting had happened. Tensions rose, people were skittish, and everyone waited to see what the club would do in the wake. Only nothing had happened. Duke had taken the gavel, and that was all there was. At least to those on the outside looking in. Since he wasn’t party to the inner workings, James couldn’t say what had occurred behind closed doors.

James had waited for the call from the prison to let him know that Porter had been shivved. But the call had never come. The silence wasn’t easy on the nerves when it came to dealing an the enemy of the MC.

Viper was the one with the patience for such a maneuver, waiting patiently for everyone to forget the man existed before finally acting to take Porter out permanently. The others, had they been in charge, would have called for immediate blood. Even Duke was a hothead on occasion whether the situation called for it or not. Which made the whole situation and four peaceful years highly suspect. Not that James would question it; some things were not asked about, and he knew he’d never get an answer from any club member even if he did have the balls to ask the question.

James cleared his throat, finished his coffee, and set the cup to the side. “I wanted to tell Duke before Porter got out. But Burke mentioned it was Nico’s graduation. Not exactly the news I want to be telling him today.”

“Yeah, shit. This will have him flipping the fuck out. His old lady will disembowel him if he doesn’t show up for the full deal. Fuck!” Viper ran his hand down his face and blew out a breath. “I’ll tell him when he comes in, but he’s got to be there for his kid today. He’ll fucking regret it if he’s not.”

“Nadine will make him regret it more,” James muttered. Duke’s old lady was fierce and downright scary. Viper was pretty much the only one crazy enough to take Nadine on. Those two seemed to have fun riling one another up. At least that was how it looked to him. Yet they always ended their fights with a laugh and strong drink.

“That she will,” he said. “I’ll worry about those two. What we need is a time for this release.”

James rubbed a knuckle to his jaw and realized he hadn’t shaved that morning. Not really a big surprise given he hadn’t really been awake when shit had started to fly. “My guy didn’t know, but I’ll give him a ring back. He won’t have paperwork until at least ten. Once I know, you’ll know,” he promised. This was information he damn well wanted the club to have since it could save lives. At least that was his hope.

“Good, then we’ll talk soon.”

He knew a dismissal when he heard one. James got up, shook the other man’s hand, and took his coffee mug back inside.


Viper waited until the sheriff was gone before pulling out his burner phone. After flipping it open, he placed a call to a club member. It wouldn’t be the last call he made. He didn’t know what the day might bring, but he needed everyone ready for whatever might come.

Chapter One

Three weeks later

Duke jerked his head up at the knock on his club’s office door. “It’s open,” he called out. A smile curled his lips when he saw his baby girl enter. Tossing his reading glasses onto the desk, he pushed to his feet and met her halfway across the room. “Hey, baby, I didn’t realize you were coming by today.”

“Momma wanted me to stop by. You forgot your pills.”

He quickly patted his pockets while his mind said that forgetting the pills wasn’t possible. There was no container to be found, but he did come up with a tube of cream that he didn’t recognize. He had a spare container in his saddlebags, and another in the safe in the club meeting room, but those likely needed to be changed out for more up-to-date meds. “Crap,” he muttered. He never forgot the meds—ever. He was a type-two diabetic and knew better than to leave his meds at home. Duke was among the “lucky” few who could take oral medications along with a strictly monitored diet.

“Momma said you were a little distracted this morning after Viper stopped by.”

“That is quite possibly the truth.”