Viper (Scoundrels MC #1)(10)

By: Moira Callahan

Ten minutes later, her mouth was minty fresh and her hair back under control. She crept from the bathroom quietly in case Viper was still asleep. When she turned to look at the bed, she found him propped up against the headboard watching her with those bright green eyes that shared nothing.

“Did you sleep okay?” he asked.

His sleep-deepened voice was more growl than its normal rumble and sent heat flooding through her body, most arrowing straight to her pussy. Krista gave a quick nod while she tried to figure out what to do. Should she grab her clothes, wherever they were, and dress? Or climb back into bed? She was still tired, but climbing in next to him might be a little too forward.

He was before her in a blink, his finger pushing her chin up to look at him. “Krista, what’s wrong?” he asked. Genuine concern filled his voice.

“Nothing,” she said. It didn’t appear to reassure him. She wrapped her hand lightly around his wrist and squeezed. “I’m fine, Viper. Trying to figure out where my clothes are, though.”

“Still downstairs. I threw them in the washer before I came up to catch a couple hours’ sleep. Hopefully someone tossed them into the dryer.”

The sweetbutts, or club pussy, as they were known, wouldn’t do it. The majority were lazy skanks who couldn’t be bothered to do anything but spread their legs. Which meant an old lady, or wife, had done it for her. At least that was her hope. She didn’t think she could wear anything a sweetbutt had touched.

“I should go get them, then.”

“Not happening. You stay here,” he told her. “You go wandering around with those legs on display and there will be riots.”

Krista took a look down and saw nothing amiss. His shorts covered more leg than hers ever had. But he’d already left the room, which made arguing pointless. “Men,” she muttered, and went to sit on the bed to wait. She didn’t get where he was coming from either. It wasn’t like it would be the first time anyone around there had seen her legs. She’d often shown up in either a skirt or shorts to see her dad or meet up with her mom.

When Viper returned, she watched him walk toward her. Deciding to test a theory, Krista stretched her legs out and then stretched her arms over her head. His gaze went from her legs to her chest and then shot off to the side. Interesting. She hopped off the bed and took the clothing with a ‘thanks’ and dashed into the bathroom.

Viper liked her looks. That was a plus. He was also fighting it. That could be a plus or a major downer. He had not ever acted on the need—that was a definite bummer. Why hadn’t he acted? Could be out of respect for her dad. The man was club president, but more than that, she knew he’d made it abundantly clear what he would do to any member should they even think about being with her. Krista’s mother had let her in on that particular tidbit.

Thinking about her parents brought back the fact no one knew where they were. Hands clutching at the vanity to keep herself upright, Krista fought for air. She couldn’t believe she’d forgotten, even for a few minutes, that they were MIA. A knock on the door had her jolting upright from the slouched position she’d sunk into. “Yeah?”

“You okay in there?”

“Yup, all good.” Pulling open the door, she flashed a smile and prayed he didn’t notice how brittle she felt inside. She really should have known better. Viper was much too observant.

His hand lifted to cup her cheek, spreading warmth out from the contact point to heat her blood. The action caught her off guard. This wasn’t the first time he’d done something to throw her since this nightmare had begun. It warmed her heart to realize she was breaking through the wall he’d been keeping between them. “We will find them,” he said quietly.

It figured he would zero in on where her mind had gone. “But will they be alive?” That was the burning question, and one that even Viper didn’t have an answer to. Instead, he drew Krista into his arms and hugged her close. Knowing how rare it was for this man to allow anyone to touch him, let alone for him to offer comfort, she returned the hug and held on. Krista was hoping she could soak in some of his indomitable strength.

A hand stroked up and then down her back before settling above her waistband. “Come on, pipsqueak. Let’s head downstairs for breakfast, and then figure out how to kill a few hours while keeping me from killing everyone crowded in here.”

She had to snort at his words. “You would never do it. You may not like them all, but they are extended family in a way, which means they have sanctuary here. Even from you.”