Touched by a Thief(8)

By: Jana Mercy

“You’re early,” a rich baritone pointed out.

“A few minutes. I’ve never been one to dawdle,” she answered, turning to face Gerard. He truly was a handsome man. Tall, slim, refined, with an aristocratic air that reminded her of Pierce Brosnan. He even resembled the actor in his younger, Remington Steele days.

Monty twirled the remainder of her wine, letting it swish around the goblet’s rim, but not spilling a single drop. “I see you found my necklace.”

Gerard gave a wry grin. “Like many precious items, it was for sale to the highest bidder.”

She arched a brow. “You bought it?”

He laughed. “Unlike some, I am not in the habit of taking jewels that don’t belong to me.”

Not according to Uncle Sam.

Monty drank her wine, watching him over the rim of her glass. When she finished, he picked up the wine bottle and topped off her glass.

“I thought you might like to have it back.” He replaced the wine bottle on the table. “As a memento of the night we met.”

She plucked the pendant from her bosom and caressed it. “You thought right.”

His brow lifted with more than a little humor. “Because it will bring a pretty penny should you need funds?”

Monty dropped the jewel to rest back in the swell of her breasts and laughed, the sound foreign to her ears. How long since she’d felt the simple joy of laughter? The simple joy of being the object of a man’s desire?

Forget Ian, she reminded herself. Gerard was here, the present, eyeing her as if he was starved and she the main course.

“You know me too well,” she purred. Her awareness of Gerard’s sexuality increased with every tick of the ornate cherry grandfather clock. Memories of his thick shaft between her thighs caused her pelvic muscles to clench. She had fond memories of Gerard and perhaps in another lifetime they could have been more than lovers.

“That I do.” His gaze dropped to where the necklace nestled. “Before the night ends, I shall know you even better.”

“Nothing you haven’t seen before,” she reminded, leaning close enough to breathe in his expensive scent. Spicy, clean, manly. Nothing like the rank smells of the prison. She tired of games. She wanted him. He wanted her. There was no need for this set seduction.

“My memory needs refreshed.”

She lowered her lashes, giving him a sultry look. “Does that mean you didn’t find our night memorable?”

He captured her chin between his fingers. His eyes flashed with unbridled lust. “I offered to make you my woman. Even after you foolishly refused me, I insured your freedom. What do you think?”

“What do I think?” She set down her glass on the table and slid her palms over the Armani jacket covering his arms. His muscles flexed beneath her touch, tingled her senses, drawing her nearer. The fact Gerard wanted her stroked the need in her to be wanted, the part that was raw from Ian so easily tossing her aside when she’d given him something she’d never given any man—her heart.

Damn Ian. Damn him. But no more did he possess her. Her time in prison locked away every good emotion she’d ever felt for the bastard. She smiled at Gerard, as grateful for the real desire coursing through her as she was for her freedom. Gerard rekindled what she’d feared Ian had destroyed.

She wet her lips. “I think I’m really not so hungry.”

“A shame,” he tweaked her lower lip with his thumb, “when I’m so famished need makes me weak.”

Monty closed the distance between their mouths, and eyes locked with his, she kissed him. Soft, slow, as if she had all the time in the world and her body didn’t ache with pent-up sexual desire. Which it did. Gerard oozed power, wealth, and a manly smoothness that drew women to him. Drew her to him. Now, as in the past.

Although not willing to tie herself to a man who wouldn’t have understood her call to adventure, never had she been immune to his uber sexuality. At the moment, strength failed her and she understood the weakness he spoke of. She felt weak, too. Weak to the carnal needs of her body.

His hands stroked over her sensitized flesh. Caressing her tense body and causing a warm relaxation to settle into her muscles. Heat spread with the intensity of a wild fire, causing everything in his path to catch aflame.