Touched by a Thief(6)

By: Jana Mercy

She hadn’t called anyone. Why should she? The only people who cared couldn’t have done anything.

She lifted her shoulders in a shrug, causing his gaze to drop to where the swell of her breasts bobbed above the water surface and mountains of rich white bubbles.

Gerard skimmed the bubbles with a long, masculine finger. “It’s as well you didn’t since it made procuring your release much simpler.”

She pursed her lower lip in a pout. “If you knew where I was, what took you so damn long?”

Gerard laughed and grazed his knuckles along her cheek. “Perhaps time has improved your disposition toward me?”

She knew what he asked.

“You know you have me now.” She gestured toward her luxurious surroundings. “Which is why none of this is necessary. You must know that.”

The blue of his eyes darkened. “Because I arranged for your release?”

“Yes.” Why lie? They both knew the truth.

“You feel indebted to me?”

“Yes.” More than he would ever know. Jail messed with her mind. Or maybe it had been Ian who messed with her mind. Her heart. She’d get the Degassi Diamond, then she’d have revenge. Sweet, sweet revenge where Ian begged her for mercy.

Gerard’s thumb hooked her chin, lifting it to where their mouths practically touched. “You want me inside you?”

Four months without the tiniest quiver of an orgasm and a powerful, testosterone laden man next to her looking like sex on a stick, smelling so good from the mixture of his expensive cologne and his own masculine scent, she twitched from the memory of what he could do to her body. Oh yeah, she wanted him inside her.

She let her gaze travel over his mouth, his throat, lower, then she met his darkened eyes. “Perhaps you should join me and find out.”

He smiled, revealing perfectly white teeth without any trace of humor. “I demand loyalty of those I allow in my life and my bed.”

Monty held his gaze. “You know I am a thief. But even thieves have a code of honor.” She took his hand in hers, pulled it to her mouth and trailed her lips over his ring finger, letting her tongue trace over the unusual platinum band of the blue diamond ring he wore. Bold, expensive, mysterious. She’d never seen the intricate pattern, likely Gerard had commissioned a jeweler to design the ring. According to her informant, the Degassi diamond was a flawless, clear diamond, not a blue one. Still, her mouth watered at the prospect of slipping the ring from his finger and…no, she wouldn’t. “I will not bite the hand who rescued me. That is, unless you want me to.”

To prove her point, she sucked his finger into her mouth and nibbled on the tip, mimicking a sexual act they’d never shared.

His eyes glittered, and he slid his free hand beneath the bathwater to grasp her breast. He massaged the fullness, squeezed possessively.

Her nipples puckered, straining into his caress. No man had touched her since Ian. Deep in her mind’s recesses, she’d wondered if she’d respond to any other man than the one who’d stolen her heart. Relief filled her that Gerard’s touch gave pleasure, and she arched, thrusting her other breast above the bubbles.

Perhaps gratitude played a role. Perhaps the over four months without an orgasm did. Regardless she and Gerard had always shared an undeniable chemistry. Thank goodness Ian hadn’t robbed her of that as well.

Gerard cupped her breast, growled his pleasure.

Monty watched below half-closed lids, finding his caress pleasant. More than pleasant, hot. But she refused to compare the touch to Ian’s earth-shattering ones.

She leaned forward, dropped a pouty kiss on his lips. “Is my body the payment you demand in return for my freedom? Am I to be your sexual slave, Gerard?”

His hand on her breast tightened, as did his expression. “I forgot the sharpness of your tongue. Most women don’t speak so boldly to me.”

“I’m not most women.” The fact she’d not fallen at his wealthy, charismatic feet was the reason he’d lusted for her so long. She wasn’t such a fool as to pretend to be a simpering love spawn for his every pleasure. Men wanted what they couldn’t have.

He gave her breast a hard squeeze, then stood. “That you’re not, but I won’t force you.”