Touched by a Thief(10)

By: Jana Mercy

His hand slipped beneath her dress, his eyes showing only the merest hint of surprise when he discovered she wore no panties in lieu of the ones he’d set out for her. Gerard wasn’t used to being disobeyed, but other than a raised brow, he didn’t comment. Taking his finger, he dipped between her swollen lips, spread the dampness up and down her clit, and pushed inside.

Monty moaned, wanting more, wanting him inside her with a fierceness that left her head spinning. She arched into his touch, giving him easier access to that part of her.

Instead of accepting her invitation, Gerard withdrew his finger. “Perhaps you weren’t listening.” Placing his finger in his mouth, he sucked it clean. “I’m starved.”

Oh! Men.

She wanted to throw him down on the floor and ride him until she came. Heated rut, indeed. Something told her he’d let her, but she’d be better off to play this game by his rules no matter how frustrated she felt.

“Fine.” She picked up her glass off the table and downed the entire contents in one bothered sip, while he did up his pants. “Let’s eat.”

Gerard Kincaid liked things to happen exactly according to plan. He’d learned long ago that curbing his own appetites and sticking to the plan reaped rewards. Venturing away from the plan often presented unforeseen pitfalls.

He planned to wine and dine Monty before taking her to his bed. Once there he’d give her all the pleasure she desired. All, and more.

They’d skipped out on the fineries during their brief interlude and he wanted that mistake corrected. This time, she belonged to him and he wouldn’t let her go.

He wouldn’t have to because he was going to insure she wanted to stay.

Thus, his refusal to take her like an unsophisticated heathen. Patience and strategy got him to the pinnacle of success. He wanted Monty with the same vigilance he’d wanted power.

Gerard got what he wanted. Always.

Picking at the food one of his maids served, Gerard watched Monty savor every morsel placed in front of her. No picking at her food or dieting for a woman like Monty. She burned off every calorie she took in and prison had dropped a good ten pounds from her already lean frame. Still breathtakingly beautiful, sinewy strength replaced the softness to her features that had belied her muscled build.

He’d give her back that feminine softness.

After her time in prison, Monty needed a man’s pampering. He could pamper like no other.

She needed her senses seduced. He could do that, too. Would do that.

By the time he was through, she’d want him every bit as much as he wanted her. More.

Physically, their chemistry worked. Why wouldn’t it? They were both healthy, attractive people with greedy sexual appetites. But he wanted more than just her body. He wanted her loyalty, her heart, her all.

He would have her body, mind, and soul.

Perhaps purposely teasing him, she closed her mouth around her spoon. Her eyes closed and she looked like she might cum on the spot. His cock stirred, demanding to be sheathed inside her sweet wetness. Never had he wanted a woman the way he craved this one.

Gerard drank a long swig of wine.

Soon, very soon, he would be what her body closed around.

Had Monty died and gone to heaven? No, hell, she’d died and gone straight to hell because this chocolate soufflé was positively sinful.


She opened her eyes and smiled at Gerard. He’d served her favorite things for their dinner. Her favorite sweet for dessert. Chocolate.

And all throughout the meal, he’d taken his pleasure in watching her eat. She’d known and, yes, she’d even made her movements more sexual, more seductive. Nothing he didn’t deserve for delaying their gratification.

She’d never been a patient woman.

“Delicious.” She licked chocolate from her lips. “As you would know if you’d take a bite.”

His eyes glittered as he watched her and tingles of awareness shot from her core to the tips of her fingers.

“Perhaps you recall I have something else in mind for dessert.”

Despite his earlier refusal to give her what she wanted, he wanted her body with the same fervor she craved sexual release.

So, why had he insisted upon this scene of seduction? Gifts of clothing and jewelry, good wine, gourmet food, soft music. Definitely, he seduced. Question was, why? He’d had her from the moment he arranged her release from prison.