The Seraph's Fate (The Rule of Three Book 1)

By: Adom Sample

Spin off of the Bloods Passion Saga



“Enter a realm unlike anything you’ve ever known. Trust in me and I will show you pleasures you’ve read of only in fantasy,” the voice said. As I gazed into the open view of the dreamland I’d found myself wandering, I couldn’t help but to notice the dark figure in the distance. It was there I would meet him again. He frightened me. I couldn’t tell what it was that made me shudder when I saw his eyes, but some part of me wanted that sensation. The lavish touch of his skin sent me into a fever of guilt and pleasure. I knew I shouldn’t have been doing this, but my nature compelled me to take the chance. He saw in me what no other could. He was my fantasy—my dream.

I awoke in the same field as I had for the last few weeks. Each night I was brought here, and I didn’t know how or why. As I lay sprawled on the white grass, I couldn’t help but breathe in the hypnotic fumes that filled the air. It was enchanting as much as it was daunting.

The weight of my presence in this euphoric realm forced me to pull myself up. I stood and took in the sights that seemed to change every time I entered this realm of bliss. The sky was a dark blue, littered with red-and-orange clouds, and the ocean in the distance reflected the light of the sky. What was this place, and who brought me here each night? These were the questions I needed answered. Someone was doing this, but whom? I needed to know.

I took a step forward. The ground rippled with each footstep as if raindrops were falling into the ocean. That didn’t deter me from pressing on. I had to see what lay beyond the view of my surroundings. Never had I attempted to venture beyond where he told me I could go. Those were just whispers, however. I had to see it. I had to see him.

“Go no further, Anaya Myers. You know not what you seek,” the man whispered. He was a ghost I could not see, taste, or touch. I ignored his warnings, which was something I hadn’t done before. I took another step and hit an invisible wall.

“You must heed my warning or forever be lost here,” the man said, this time more fiercely.

“What is this place?” I called.

No answer.

“Are you there?”

Again, no answer.

Frustration overwhelmed me. I pushed my fist through the wall, and glass shattered all around me in slow motion. I covered my head with my arms to protect myself, but the shards of glass soon transformed into golden butterflies. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop them from cutting me.

“That was your choice,” the man whispered. I gazed at my arms, and they were coated in blood. The glass-like butterflies had cut me well. What were his intentions? I needed answers.

“What do you want from me?” I shouted at the sky. A dark figure suddenly appeared. I couldn’t tell if it was a demon or an angel, but within seconds, the figure was inches from me.

“All of you,” he said sensually. My heart dropped. The erotic tone of his voice compelled me to run. The meadow became a bright blue cloud, and it felt as if I were floating in midair. “I want all of you,” the man said again. No matter how far I ran, he was there—always. The golden butterflies swirled all around me. They lifted me from my feet into the sky.

“I want you to be mine, Anaya. Forever . . .” He floated behind me, gaining. I didn’t know whether to feel bliss or terror. He was closing in, and the soft touch of his fingers caressed my toes.

The pink nightgown I wore faded from my skin. Soon, I was naked with only my sweat to cover me. The atmosphere felt as if it were ninety degrees Fahrenheit as the butterflies burst into flames all around me. The heat was almost unbearable. I welcomed it, however. The man who had brought me here, who had whispered in my ear every night, had finally caught up to me.

“Why are you doing this? Who are you?” I asked, frightened. He transformed from a dark figure into one of the most handsome men I’d ever seen. This man had to have been over six feet tall. He was muscular with well-lit golden-brown skin, light gray eyes, and blondish brown hair. The closer he came, the better I could see him. He had a tattoo of a red dragon on his right forearm and a tattoo of angel wings covering his chest. I wasn’t ready for something so handsome. He grabbed my ankles and pulled me in, opening my legs wide. I was frozen. I couldn’t react.

“I’m doing this because I want you. I always have.” He licked my toes and caressed my inner thighs.

“W-who are you?” I stuttered.

He looked up at me and smiled. “Your salvation.” His entire body radiated with golden light, and his head motioned deeper between my thighs. I closed my eyes and allowed it to happen. I’d given in to the feeling when suddenly, he stopped. “Give me permission,” he commanded.