The Pursuit of Mrs. Pennyworth(113)

By: Callie Hutton

The two girls nodded, and Charlotte squeezed his hand. “Yes.” She sounded exhausted, which she probably was.

“I thought you said there was only one babe?” His accusatory tone at the doctor had the two maids giggling.

The doctor began to pack his instruments into the black satchel he always carried with him. “Yes, I did say that.” He stopped and planted his hands on his hips. “It is possible to hear only one heartbeat if one babe is on the top of the other. That was the case with your daughters.”

His daughters. The glow started in his stomach and proceeded to cover his entire body. He was a father! How fortunate could a man be? A beautiful wife, two daughters, and a lifetime to love them all. He bent and kissed Charlotte on the forehead. “Get some rest, my love.”

She nodded and looked as though she was ready for a long nap. Cook had other plans and announced she would bring a strong beef broth for Charlotte to drink after Bridget cleaned her up and got her settled for the night.

Elliot walked to the cradle that had been made ready for the babe. Except two little girls, wrapped in blankets, lay sleeping after their ordeal. He touched each of them on their downy cheeks, and stared for a moment at their perfection.

Once Charlotte had been changed and drunk her broth, he sat alongside her on the bed as she drifted off to sleep. “Good night, my love. And thank you for our daughters.”

The room had grown dark, and all the hustle and bustle of the day had ended. The servants were downstairs enjoying a well-earned dinner, and his wife and daughters were fast asleep. He stared out at the night and saluted Miss Garvey, wherever she was. For as deranged as the woman had been, she’d done him the favor of bringing Charlotte into his life.

From darkness there is light; from evil there is good; from hate there is love.

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Thank you, as always to my wonderful editor, Erin Molta. She is tougher on my mistakes than Sister Catherine was in fifth grade.

Thank you to the RWA chapter, the Beau Monde, with all the experts who answer questions about the Regency and Victorian era.

Thank you to romantic suspense author, Alicia Dean who gave me some serious questions to answer while I was plotting The Pursuit of Mrs. Pennyworth.

Thank you to Agatha Christie and Arthur Conon Doyle who entertained me with mysteries, making it seem so easy to write one. It wasn’t.

Thank you to my readers who continue to enjoy the stories I write. You all mean the world to me.