The Not So Secret Baby(9)

By: Amarinda Jones

“It’s just a title.”

“But you told me who you were when we first met.”

Sinyn winked at her. “I wanted to impress and then undress you.”

“I’m an Aussie. Titles don’t do it for us.” In a culture where Jack was not only as good as his master but usually better, pretension just annoyed Australians.

“So why did you have sex with me?”

“I hadn’t planned to.” She had been horny and he had been gorgeous and there and world’s and bodies collided.

“Fate intervened.” Sinyn wrapped an arm around her shoulders and pulled her close to him. “Come let me show you a field of wildflowers.”

Chapter Six

“I swear you’re oversexed.” She was naked and astride Sinyn, his hard dick ensconced within her. They were in the promised field of wildflowers, Sinyn flat on his back with her on top of him. It had all started quite innocently. She had stumbled on a rock and Sinyn had caught her just as she fell. It had seemed natural to kiss him. But kissing led to clothes being removed, and it wasn’t until her mouth was on his dick, sucking hard, that Izzy began to wonder about her feelings. She had always enjoyed sex. She rarely ever had sex with the same man more than twice. Yet here she was in a foreign country jumping the bones of a prince. “Bizarro world.”

“What is?” Sinyn’s hands cupped her ass.

“You. Me. Sex.”


“Well, we barely know each other, yet here I am sitting on your cock contemplating our child and the future.”

“I see nothing wrong with that.” Sinyn pulled her down against him and rolled them so she was underneath.

She didn’t fight it when he pulled out from inside her and lifted her legs up against her breasts. Izzy wanted him inside her any way she could. There was no point pretending otherwise.

“It all just happened so fast.” She moaned as once more he pushed inside her body, filling her up with his heat.

“It’s meant to be.”

“That seems to be the logic of Inis Daire.”

Sinyn stopped mid-thrust. “Is it so bad?”


“What are you scared of?”

Falling in love with you. “Nothing.” Love wasn’t something she wanted to discuss. It was too soon and it complicated much. “Are you going to fuck me or talk?”

Sinyn slapped her thigh. “Finally the woman understands me.”


Anthony and Sharon Donnelly watched on as Sinyn rammed in and out of the woman in the field of flowers.

“She has a fat ass,” she murmured in distaste.

Anthony looked at the ass in question, his dick jerking up at the thought of filling it. He cleared his throat. “We have to get rid of her.”

“I know a woman who deals with poisons that kill and are undetectable.”

“Not kill her.” Anthony looked at his wife and once more wondered about the way her mind worked. There were many times he wondered if he hadn’t been drunk whether he would have married her. “We need to get her to have a miscarriage. It has to look like an accident.” Would Sinyn be so keen to marry the Australian then?

“I can do that.”

“Then you need to get pregnant.”

Sharon arched a well plucked eyebrow at him. “Old Katie said I never would be.”

Anthony snorted in derision. “Old Katie believes the wee people visit her.” His eyes went back once more to his cousin on the woman. Sinyn was always the lucky one.

* * * *

“You are in danger, Isadora,” pronounced Katie O’Toole.

Neither danger nor her full name was what Izzy expected to hear when she sat down beside the woman known as Old Katie. That she was old was undoubted. Her face was a mass of wrinkles and her hands were claw-like. Based on her skin, she could have been anywhere between eighty to one hundred and ten. But her eyes? Ageless, deep blue and sparkling with knowledge.

Izzy felt Sinyn’s hand close firmly around her as if to protect her. Izzy glanced at him. The concern she saw in his eyes made her jump. No one had cared for her in the longest time. That this man did after such a short time surprised her. As for your heart? I will have that in time.

“What kind of danger, Katie?” Sinyn’s attention focused on the older woman.

“Your kin and his barren wife,” Katie declared, her gaze never wavering from Izzy. “He knows he will never inherit Inis Daire. That Isadora is with child has made his anger worse.”

To Izzy, it was like walking into a living soap opera. “Please call me Izzy.” She had never liked the name Isadora. She suspected her mother had been indulging in illegal substances when she came up with it.

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