The Not So Secret Baby(8)

By: Amarinda Jones

It was Inis Daire law that if a Donnelly son reached the age of forty-five without an heir then it went to the next in line, which was Anthony. His wife Sharon had not yet produced a child. She hated kids. She had married Anthony for his money. He knew that and it was irrelevant to him. She was a body to impregnate and he made every attempt to get a child in her he could. When they married she was supposed to have been pregnant even though Old Katie declared it impossible. He soon found out the seer was right. He looked over the Australian woman. She wasn’t to his taste with her buxom body and average looks. But, she is a threat and I need her gone.


The look in Sinyn’s cousin’s eyes made Izzy step back. He was not greeting her. He was assessing her in the way a predator looks at his victim. She took another step back and ran into the solid warmth of Sinyn. The strong, male hand that curled around her waist made her feel safe.

Everyone else had been nice. The household staff had been friendly and eager to please her. The home inside was as large and imposing as outside. It was furnished in elegant, no doubt expensive, furnishing that appeared to be of great age and value.

“It must be a nightmare to clean,” Izzy murmured, thinking of her small two bedroom apartment in Cairns.

“They love the house and they love you,” Sinyn replied as he caught her hand in his.

“They don’t know me.”

“They know I’m happy, and that’s all they need to know.”

They did the rounds of the manor and finished at the stables. “Horses huh?” Izzy hadn’t been a horse loving teenage girl. They had always struck her as uncomfortable to ride and she couldn’t imagine any pleasure a horse got with someone perched on top of them.

“Scared of them?”

“No, I prefer cars.” They could be controlled. Horses had minds of their own.

“On Inis Daire—”

“Yes, yes, I’m sure even the leprechauns ride horses.” When Sinyn laughed at her words, Izzy smiled. It was a great sound. “Your cousin—”

“Hates me.”

“Yep, I got that, and I reckon I’m not going to be a favorite either.”

“Let’s forget about Anthony and come meet my best friend.”

A tall, dark-haired man appeared from inside the stable. “I thought I heard voices.”

Wow, they make the men real fine on Inis Daire. Though this man wasn’t as hot as Sinyn, he was certainly a man Izzy would look more than twice at and wonder about.

“Connor, meet my bride-to-be.”

“I’ve been looking forward to meeting you, Izzy.”

She could feel his eyes all over her. Once more she stepped back but for a different reason. There was a sexual tension in the room that crackled.

Sinyn chuckled. “Connor and I like to share women.”

Yes? No, really? Wow. What the hell do I say? I’m having enough trouble with one man. “I don’t share.” Izzy wasn’t morally opposed to ménages. It was more like she had never had the opportunity to.

“Never wanted to?” Sinyn asked.

“Ah no, never thought about it.” How did that work? What went where? And then another thought hit her. Sinyn’s bisexual. That was not what she expected. Izzy was all for people loving who and how they wanted to, but it didn’t appeal to her.

“So how do you know you won’t share if you’ve never tried?” Connor asked.

“I – er…”Crap, I don’t know. Just looking at him made her want to try.

Sinyn smiled at her confusion. “Plenty of time to think about it.”

Connor nodded. “I’m not going anywhere, and it would be an honor.”

Whoa! Izzy managed to mumble something that sounded like thanks and headed off with Sinyn.

“I’m neither gay nor bisexual, Izzy.”

“Not for one second did I think you were.” Okay, she had. But he didn’t need to know that. “So, you like to buddy fuck?”

Sinyn nodded. “It’s enjoyable to see a woman doubly pleased. If you want the opportunity to try it, then just ask. While you are my woman, I’ll do whatever I can to make you happy.”

My woman. Walking into Inis Daire was like walking into a different world. “How would you feel about it, you know, hypothetically speaking if I did want to do it?”

“Are you interested?”

“Hypothetically, just curious.”

“I would be fine with it,” Sinyn answered.

“Huh…” Izzy wasn’t sure what to say so she changed the subject. “How come no one calls you Prince Sinyn?”

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