The Not So Secret Baby(7)

By: Amarinda Jones

Sinyn smiled. “Oh yeah.” He slid one hand between her ass cheeks and fisted his dick with the other. “I want your stay in my home to be full and exciting.”

Izzy grabbed the wood of the headboard as once more his dick slid inside her cunt. She shoved her ass back in acceptance. There was no point saying she didn’t want this way. It would be a lie.

“We will need to talk.”

The bed head banged into the wall as Sinyn banged into her. It was no gentle fuck. It was meant to shake Izzy up and question what she wanted and needed.


The wood smashed into the wall several more times.

His body slammed into hers over and over. It was hard and exciting and certainly ‘full’ as he wanted it to be.

She looked at the chipped paint on the wall as the wood struck it time and time again. “That’s going to leave a mark.”

“Oh, I’m marking you mine for life, sweetheart.” Sinyn’s mouth descended on her neck and bit her skin gently in a sucking love bite.

Izzy placed one hand on her clit and rubbed. There was no point fighting this. She wanted to come. Later, when they weren’t naked, she’d be rational. “Faster.”

“I thought you wanted to talk?”

“I want to feel you shooting up inside me.” There was something so primal about a man letting go inside a woman.

Sinyn groaned. “Aye, that’ll happen. Brace yourself, sweetheart.” Sinyn ramped up the pace of his thrusts. The sound of wood continuously hitting the wall would leave few illusions for anyone passing by.

As he jerked and came inside her, Izzy stiffened as her own orgasm hit. She yelled loud and long and pushed back against Sinyn.

“That’ll make ‘em jealous,” mused Sinyn.

Chapter Five

The knowing looks as they came back downstairs made Izzy blush and feel awkward. “Why are they all looking so happy?” She asked sotto voiced as people she had never seen before, who were possible the household staff, smiled at her.

“I told you. They all know about the baby and that we will marry.”

Izzy stiffened. “You told everyone?” It was his home and right to do so, but she had hoped to keep it quiet until they had worked out what they needed to.

“No. Old Katie predicted it. When it comes to babies on Inis Daire there are no secrets.” Sinyn chuckled at her look of bewilderment. “You can fight it all you like but what is meant to be will be.”

Old Doris Day philosophy didn’t appeal to Izzy. “I will be going home to Australia.”

“Of course you can visit. I love Cairns.”

Izzy stopped in her tracks and poked a finger into Sinyn’s chest. “Of course I can visit? You’re not a feudal war lord whose word is to be obeyed by one and all, and I’m no one’s possession.”

Sinyn caught her hand in his. “Sexually I have you. We both feel the power we have over each other when it comes to that. As for your heart? I will have that in time.”

Izzy pulled her hand away. Sinyn was the most gorgeous man she had ever seen and touched, but this was all too much for her. “This is madness. I came to tell you about the baby to do the right thing and make plans. I didn’t want my child growing up without a father like I did.”

Sinyn’s eyes softened on her. “Poor little Izzy. I will take care of you and provide all the love you have missed.”

“Love?” Where the hell am I? It‘s like I’ve entered another dimension. She wasn’t against falling in love, but in her mind, Izzy knew it didn’t happen that fast. “We had a one-night stand.”

“It was excellent. I often thought about it after I left Cairns. Memories of you made my dick hard for weeks.”

Izzy opened and closed her mouth several times as she thought about what to say. Visions of Sinyn’s hard dick and what she could do with it swamped her mind. “Um, well, yeah but the thing is it’s not a basis for a marriage.”

“On Inis Daire it is.”

“What about the baby?”

Sinyn’s hand went to her stomach. “I’m thrilled.”

“You’re very odd.” Sinyn barely knew her and yet he was planning their life together.

“He smiled. “You’ll get used to us. Now, come and meet the staff and the family.”

* * * *

Anthony Donnelly shook the woman’s hand and smiled even though inside he wanted to strangle her, then his cousin. “Pleased to meet you. We never thought Sinyn would marry.” He had been counting on it. That Sinyn at thirty-eight had finally found a wife was irritating. Anthony hoped Sinyn would just screw around as he was accustomed to and not find a wife. And a baby? Anthony knew then he had no hope of inheriting Inis Daire. It always went to the eldest Donnelly son. That was Sinyn. They were the last two Donnelly’s standing. Both their parents had long since died. It was a boating accident on the lake that had taken them from Inis Daire. After that it was only the two men who were left. Neither liked the other yet they were tied by blood.

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