The Not So Secret Baby(6)

By: Amarinda Jones

Her hips lifted to accommodate the length of him as he pushed further inside. The fierce pressure and heat overwhelmed her. Izzy wrapped her arms and legs around his body and gave into the heat of the man.

“That’s it, sweetheart. Give in to what you feel.” Sinyn’s mouth met hers and they kissed with a hungry passion.

Chapter Four

“So,” Sinyn began as lifted his mouth from her clit, his face wet with her juices, and looked at Izzy. She was breathless and flushed from coming over and over. Her thighs were sticky with his cum and her skin red from his mouth and teeth. Maybe it was boasting to say he was good at sex. But I am. Sinyn knew what women liked and he made very sure any lover he took enjoyed as much pleasure as possible.

Sinyn covered her body with his and rolled them onto their sides. He didn’t need the longevity of a long acquaintanceship to know this was the woman for him. Sexually? They were explosive together. The baby? A bonus. The rest? It would come. Would the people of Inis Daire think him mad for rushing in? No, those on the island followed the beliefs of their ancestors who first settled there. Life was about taking chances and following gut instinct. He smiled down at Izzy’s pink face and kiss-swollen lips. She is beautiful. She is mine. It would be fun to find out more about his bride-to-be. Old Katie was right. His future had been in Cairns.

“I’m thinking we marry next week.” He reached out and traced one fingertip around her nipple.

Izzy jerked upright. “Marry? Next week? Are you out of your mind?”

“No.” Sinyn had never felt so confident in his words.

“Marriage is a serious commitment.” She pushed his hand away and sat up, leaning against the bed head.

“I know.” He was thirty-eight years old. He could have married many times over, but no woman until Izzy had appealed to him.

“Do you marry everyone you knock up?”

Sinyn sat up beside Izzy and took her hand. “There is a legend on Inis Daire when it comes to the Donnelly men. The woman we marry is the one that carries our child.”

Izzy raised her eyebrows at this. “Well that’s kinda inconvenient if you knock up several women.”

“I never have. I’ve been waiting for you. I was told as a lad that the woman I would take as a wife would come from across the sea.” He leaned over and tweaked her nose. “And here you are.”


“Considering you live on a small island, it’s not a great a stretch of the imagination that you would marry someone out of town.” The whole marriage thing had Izzy freaked out. Yes, the sex was amazing, but marriage based on having sex twice didn’t indicate happily ever after to her.

“Old Katie is never wrong.”

“Who is this Old Katie chick?” And why the hell is she making pronouncements that concern me?

Sinyn laughed. “She’s an ancient Inis Daire seer who predicts the future,” Sinyn explained. “I’d like you to meet her on your travels around the island.”

That suggested a longevity Izzy hadn’t considered. She had thought this would be a chat about upbringing, schools, and access rights. “I’m not staying that long.” She started to get up. She needed to shower. Her thighs were sticky with the semen that seeped down from her cunt. And I need some clothes on. So does he. Naked was good but also bad. Looking at his lean, muscular body was making her think all sorts of things she shouldn’t. While she wanted to blame it on the raging change in her hormones, at heart Izzy knew it was all about lust.

Sinyn stopped any movement by placing one long leg over her thighs. “Yes you are.”

“You can’t keep me here.”

“Ah, a challenge.” He caught her into his arms and held close.

Being held close by Sinyn was something Izzy knew she could get very used to. And that’s why she fought against it. She wasn’t there for a relationship. I’m here for…hmmm…what the hell am I here for? Surely I could have done this all via email?

“Let me go.” She slapped at his arm.


“I’m confused.”

“Why, sweetheart?” Sinyn turned her in his arms so she faced the head board.

“What are you doing?” Suddenly she was on her knees with Sinyn close at her back, dick prodding her ass as he nudged her legs apart with his knee. Izzy turned her head to look at him.

“I remembered how much you liked my hair on your skin as I took your from behind.” He pulled the leather thong from his hair.

Izzy gulped. “So you’re doing me a favor?

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