The Not So Secret Baby(5)

By: Amarinda Jones

And what a manor—or maybe castle? The home was enormous. Huge pieces of grey rock interlocked to create a solid fortress which looked like it had weathered many a fierce storm. There had to be at least twenty, maybe thirty, rooms. “Imagine cleaning that,” she murmured to herself.

Sinyn opened the car door and held out his hand. “Hello, sweetheart.”

On hearing the beautiful Irish lilt of Sinyn’s voice, her knees shook and she staggered towards him. When he caught her up in his arms and held her close, Izzy thought back again to the tropical night when she first met him. She looked up into his eyes. The gentle warmth made her blink. “I—er, I’m just tired. It was a long trip?” Lordy, you’re beautiful.

“You’re home now.”

Okay. I have to set him straight on what I want and believe. Izzy had no plans to be seduced by the charm of the man and his home. “I’m here for a reason. I plan to go back home to Australia. This is not my home, Sinyn.” Though standing as she was in his arms made her feel safer than she had in years.

“It will be.” Sinyn picked her up in his arms and carried her toward the house.

That was unexpected. She slapped at his chest. “Put me down.”

“I don’t want to,” Sinyn’s reply was simple.

It was only when she heard the applause did she realize twenty or so people were scattered around them, all smiling as they watched. As Sinyn carried her over the threshold, everyone clapped again.

“You’re going to give yourself a hernia.” Izzy was no featherweight. Injuring a prince that everyone appeared to love indicated she wouldn’t be loved much for it. But Sinyn ignored Izzy’s protests and carried her up the staircase and down a hall until he stopped for a moment and kicked open the door of a bedroom that appeared to be every imaginable shade of blue. Once inside he placed her feet on the thickly woven carpet and started to strip her clothes off. “Hang on! We’re supposed to be talking.”

Sinyn chuckled, stopping momentarily to shut the door. “I was going to have a sedate chat with you downstairs over tea but the urge to see you naked overwhelmed me.” His hands went back to her blouse and made short work of her buttons. “Besides, you’re a woman, you can multi-task.”

“Sinyn!” Izzy slapped at his hands but it did no good. He clearly had practice stripping women. He was fast and efficient. She was naked before she had time to think.

He placed his hand on her bare belly. ”Ours.”

The look in his possessive eyes made her shiver. Oh boy, I’m in trouble here. Izzy tried to back away from him. Naked she was vulnerable to his touch and her own crazy hormones. “Look, prince, while I’m pleased you want to acknowledge the baby—” She jumped when his hand slid down to her pussy. “Don’t do that.” Izzy was surprised at how breathless her words sounded.

“Why? Because you like it yet you want to deny yourself pleasure ‘cause you think we should be sensible and discuss the baby?” Sinyn stepped back from her. “Aye, we’ll discuss the baby.” He started stripping off his own clothes. “But first I have this overwhelming need to be inside you once more.” He threw his shirt to the floor.

“I—er, it was a long flight and um—” Izzy faltered as his trousers fell to his ankles and his dick stood firm and hard. She gulped. Oh, I remember you. “People will wonder what we’re doing.”

“Let ‘em.” He came to stand before her. “Besides they all know about the baby.”

“Word gets ‘round. Besides, they expect it of a Donnelly man.” Sinyn stepped in so his body touched hers. “Hello, sweetheart.”

Hot cock pushed against her stomach. She loved the feel of it touching her skin. Her gaze lifted to his. “I can’t think when you’re naked.” Izzy had planned to be calm, rational, and practical on her reunion     with him. She stepped backwards, her legs hitting the bed. “Sinyn—”

“Shush, sweetheart.” He pushed her back onto the bed, his body covering hers.

When his mouth descended on her nipple, Izzy laced her fingers through his hair and cried out at the sucking sensation. “Sinyn—”

“Fuck first, talk later.” He parted her legs and entered her cunt without further ado.

The first thrust shook Izzy to the core. She had been expecting it, but not. She had been wet since she saw him, yet never did Izzy imagine they would be naked so fast let alone ever be with him again.

“Oh Sinyn—” There was no point fighting it. Rationality had flown out the door the minute she met him in Cairns. Good girls did not fuck strangers. Good girls did not get pregnant on one-night stands.

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