The Not So Secret Baby(4)

By: Amarinda Jones


“We need to talk about our baby further.” He smiled. Our baby. It had a good, strong sound to it.

“We can do that over the phone. Besides, there’s really nothing to talk about.”

“Woman, you’re carrying my child.” Sinyn didn’t doubt that for a second. Old Katie, the ancient Seer of Inis Daire, had once told him a woman from across the sea would change his life. “We need to talk.”

“I don’t want anything from you. I just felt you needed to know.”

“Well I want something from you, Izzy.”


Sinyn needed to see and touch this woman once more. “Come to Inis Daire.”

“That’s not necessary. I know what I’m going to do about the baby.”

His mouth tightened into a hard line. “Are you going to have an abortion?” Sinyn believed that women had the rights over their body and the use of it. But his child not living? It wasn’t an option he would contemplate.

“No, but—”

He breathed out a relieved sigh. “No buts, Izzy Mack. Come to Inis Daire. We need to talk.”

Chapter Three

Inis Daire airport was a thin landing strip that made Izzy nervous when she first looked down and saw it. When she climbed into the small, well-appointed airplane at Shannon airport bearing the crest of Inis Daire on the outside, Izzy again wondered what she was doing thousands of miles from home. It was cold and wet and winter clothes were not something she wore much back in Cairns. When the plane made a perfect touchdown, she pulled herself mentally together, brushed her hair, and applied lipstick ready for her reunion     with Sinyn. But he wasn’t there. The rush of disappointment made her wonder. It wasn’t like they were going to do anything but discuss the logistics of bringing up a baby.

“It’s Magistrate’s day,” informed the driver, who introduced himself as Seamus, took her bag, and led her to the sleek, black Jaguar. “The prince sits and listens to crimes and complaints every Wednesday.” He settled her inside the car. “We do things a little differently on Inis Daire.” Seamus climbed in beside her. “We have done so for four hundred years since our ancestors crowned the first Donnelly prince and broke away from the troubles in Ireland when they declared they would follow neither side but live in peace on their own island. We have our own laws and ways of dealing with people. We answer to no one but the Donnelly Princes.”

Izzy was intrigued. She had never heard of Inis Daire before Sinyn crossed her path. The only principality she had heard of was Monaco. “So your ancestors quit the mainland and came here?” What would this island have been like back then?

“They were hard years, miss. Many died. Those who survived were strong and resilient and refused to give in. The prince’s kin kept the people alive on sheer guts and determination.”

It was a world so unlike her own. This was no tropical haven of beaches and heat. This was a place of thin, twisting roads, lush green fields, and people who waved at you without knowing who you were. The houses were predominately stone. Presumably hewn out from the grey, rocky mountains that ringed the island.

“What are those trees over there?” They were like nothing she had seen in Cairns. They stood full, proud, and majestic.

“They’re oak trees.”

Izzy remembered Sinyn telling her what Inis Daire meant. “It’s just beautiful.”

“You have the glow about you.” He smiled at her.


“Oh, don’t be shy. We know all about the baby. There are no secrets on Inis Daire.”

“Huh?” Sinyn told them?

“Old Katie foretold the next Donnelly bride would come across the sea with a babe inside.” Seamus winked at her. “Besides, that’s why the Donnelly men get married.”

“By knocking up women?” Marry? Me? I don’t think so.

“Aye, they like women.”

“Yeah but it’s not a reason to marry. And who’s Old Katie?” She sounded like the interfering sort.

“She knows everything and is never wrong.”

Great. An old duck who was the local witch.

Seamus smiled at Izzy. “The Donnelly’s have been happy and productive doing it the same way for three hundred years. Nothing changes much here.”

* * * *

Izzy’s breath caught when she saw Sinyn. He was waiting in the driveway as they pulled up from the twenty minute drive. As he walked towards her, tall and proud with his long blonde hair tied at his nape, she thought he did indeed look like the lord of the manor.

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